Let Your Cupcake Settle, So It Blooms Like A Petal

If happiness had another synonym, it would surely have been a cupcake. It is an adorable little dessert, which is delicious to taste. With buttercream frosting and sprinkles, cupcakes make for the sweetest sensation to sweep the hearts of dessert lovers.

cupcakes baking tips

Cupcakes seem to convey love and happiness. The rich, fluffy-smooth flavoured sponge with soft icing is a delight, pure heaven. But, don’t let the cupcakes fool you with their small size and charming look. They are more baffling to bake than a large cake. Many cupcake bakers will nod their heads in agreement to this statement as they are more likely to have dealt with a few or all cupcake fails at a time.

Well, you might have diligently kept in mind the proportions of its ingredients and temperatures. But, as they say, “It’s all about balancing act between time and temperature: that’s the art of baking.” So, all the wait, efforts, and pain get in vain when the timing is wrong.

Yes, in the art of baking, time and temperatures are the main considerations. While, the former being overlooked for one or the other reason, the most common being the urge to have a bite of deliciousness-- a cupcake. And, because of this, you have to pacify your soul with flat cupcakes because neither your patience nor your cupcakes were provided adequate rest.

In a long list of the Do's and Don’ts of baking a cupcake, what you need to be cautious about is rest to be able to savour perfectly baked cupcakes that are no less than cups of paradise. Therefore, when it is said, rest when you need to, there is a purpose!

Many recipes for batter foods calls for a brief rest of mixture before proceeding to cook. And, cupcakes are one of those foods. Though it may look like a strange step, there’s more going on during the rest that meets the eye.

When you let the batter of your cupcake to rest, the starch molecules in the flour absorbs the liquid in the batter. This gives your cupcake batter a poufy, more viscous, thicker consistency. Any gluten formed during the mixing also gets rest, and the air bubbles work their way out.

The adequate resting ensures a uniform texture to the cupcake. And, as the gluten had the opportunity to relax, the texture is incredibly delicate and round. Also, the resting period helps potentially expend much of its leavening capabilities resulting in a cupcake that melts in the mouth. Moreover, all this is backed by science.

Another area of cupcake baking that calls for rest is before frosting. We understand how hard is to resist the temptation of eating a cupcake straight out of the oven (they smell damn good!), but if you frost your cupcake immediately, you will end with cupcake disaster because you will have melted frosting. So, be patient! Let your cupcake cool down before you begin to frost them. Believe us patience will bear sweet and scrumptious results.

Now, even if you are in a rush, do not dare to skip the resting step because your cupcake needs rest!

Happy Baking!!