DIY Modern Plant Shelf and Make the Most of Your Time

Plants have become a part of house decor for quite a few years. With the minimal approach of living, people out there are very much keen to brace up their houses with green friends, in a classy way. The increasing craze for succulents as the decor has made the market decked up with a huge variety of plant stands, plant hangings, plant vases, and more. You can always go and order plant pots online India if you have not yet.

But now that you are also looking for ideas to revamp your house and add a pop of colours with green plants, how about you make a DIY plant stand to take the decor to another level? Also, we all are under #lockdown and have nowhere to go, so making some fun DIYs will surely help us productively kill time. Let us take an art class and learn some DIY plant stand ideas in the blog below.

DIY Modern Plant Shelf

NOTE- #stayhome and do not go out of your way to make these DIYs. Manage with the available resources. And for a fact, restriction often brings out the best piece of art.

1. Crate Planter

Somewhere in life, we all do end up with a fruit crate in our house. If so, take that crate out, and in case you don't have one, a cardboard carton in a bigger size will work too. Other materials required to make DIY plant holder would be- some old and used polythene bags, scissors, wood scrubbing sheet, paint (whichever colours are available), paintbrush, nails, varnish.

Steps to Revamp the Crate / Carton-

  • Clean the crate/carton with a dry cloth and remove some planks from the above side. To make it come to the height of a brick (or so). Now, using the scrubbing sheet, smoothen the surface of the carate and apply one coat of varnish, and let it dry for a day.
  • Now, take a few polythenes and spread them all over the carate from inside (2-3 polythenes at least) fix them using a nail and in the bottom of the carate, make 2-3 holes so that extra water can pass through.
  • Now, from the outside, paint it in your desired colour or the one available. And fix your plants in it. You can fix two different plants of the same water and sunlight needed in this carate. Place it in your balcony, as it will suit the best there.

REMEMBER- This is a fun activity and you are advised to do the same, staying back at home. Not to forget, #quarantine is the time to #giveitalittlelove by staying inside.

Crate Planter

2. Rope Planter

One of the plant stand ideas include rope, something that is found in almost every household. Home decor companies have introduced these planters to empty your pockets because of their hefty price. But guess what, these planters are way too easy to make. And obviously, it will add that wow-factor in your drawing-room. You will need- a rope, glue/ glue gun, some polythene bags or plastic wrap, and that's it.

Steps to Make a Rope Planter-

  • Take a bucket and put it upside down, cover it with polythene or plastic wrap in a layer, that lies somewhere in between thick and thin.
  • Start covering this bucket from the surface of the bucket, and use a glue gun to stick this rope. Do the process until you receive your desired height of the planter.
  • Let this dry for 2-3 hours and after that, take out the bucket from this. (leave the bucket inside if it is of no use to you). Decorate with laces or colours which is optional.

Place this rope planter near your entrance, or in your living area, after all, you will love to show off one of your indoor plant stand ideas to your guests.

Rope Planter

3. Mug Planters

Another way to use old coffee mugs or bathroom mugs has to be this. Revamp an old coffee mug, bowl, bathroom mugs, etc. The size of these planters would be apt for hanging purpose and would also be a perfect fit for your coffee table. You will need- coffee mug(s), colours, and a rope.

Steps to Make Mug Planters-

  • Clean the mug with a dry cloth, and paint it in your desired manner.
  • Now take the rope and take a piece out of it, as long as you want the length of your DIY hanging plant stand. Keeping the length same, cut out four more such pieces.
  • Now place all these pieces by each other's side and tie a very tight knot on both ends of the rope.
  • Now take your mug and place it in this basket-like structure; you'll need more helping hands to fix the mug.
  • Once fixed, tie another know, above the plant, to keep it more sane and shaped.

Hang this cute little planter in the corner of your room, where you do not reach out much so that the planter stays in its place and you can adore it for a long time.

Mug Planters

All these creative indoor plants stand ideas are quick and easy to make. You might have seen a youtube tutorial on the same. So, try your hand out on any of these planters and make the most of your time.