A Fresh Blast Of Creativity - DIY Rakhi Ideas For Kids

Children are the powerhouse of creativity. They want to be doing something all the time, and it is more than important for us to keep them busy. Their energy needs to be directed at things that are good for them. If we ensure this, our children will grow up to be positive and bright individuals. One good way to make sure that our children are burning their energy in good ways is to introduce them to the world of DIYs. It is not only fun but also educational. DIY rakhi for kids would be a great first step. So, let's explore some ideas for DIY kids rakhi.

Common Brother Sister Fights Over Silly Things

Flower Rakhi using foam

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Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in the world. Your child's innocence is still a tough competition to them, though. Wouldn't it be nice if you could teach your child to make flower rakhi out of foam?

Flower Rakhi using foam

Items needed - Marker, colorful foam, glue, scissors, and ribbon.

This is probably the simplest and the easiest DIY kids rakhi. All you need to do is, draw two shapes of a flower on the foam with the help of a marker. Make sure to draw one flower smaller than the other one. Stack the smaller flower above the bigger one with the help of glue and add the ribbon at the base of the bigger flower.

Ganesha Rakhi using old wedding cards

A holy rakhi signifying prosperity and love through Ganesha is all that your child needs this Raksha Bandhan. Help them learn how to make Ganesha rakhi using old wedding cards.

Ganesha Rakhi using old wedding cards

Items needed - Old wedding card, cardboard, scissors, glue, and ribbon.

To get started, you need to cut out a little picture of Lord Ganesha from an old wedding card. Keep it over cardboard and cut out a matching shape. This will be your hard base for the picture. Stick Ganesha's picture on the cardboard and add a ribbon at the bottom of the cardboard.

Knitted Rakhi using ribbons

Give a boost to your child's skills by teaching them the precious art of knitting. The knitted rakhi is the best DIY rakhi for kids, and this one is sure to keep them busy for hours.

Knitted Rakhi using ribbons

Items needed - Satin ribbons.

With only one item, you can craft this beautiful knitted rakhi. All you need to do is, set a pattern to twist the ends of your satin ribbons and keep on doing it until you land a beautiful knit. Once you are done, just tie knots at the end of your lovely knot to secure the pattern. It is a little time-taking, but the results are certainly joyous.

Beaded rakhi using buttons

Buttons are the cutest little things. Why not use buttons to make a rakhi with your kids? This one is a foolproof idea.

Beaded rakhi using buttons

Items needed - Buttons, beads, and ribbon.

Get your hands on buttons and beads with slightly bigger holes at the center. This will help the ribbon pass through them. Add as many buttons and as beads as you like to create the perfect rakhi.

Adorable Pom-Pom Rakhi

Pom-poms add a touch of cuteness to anything they touch, and Rakhi is no exception. This delightful DIY Rakhi idea will leave your kids in awe of their creative masterpieces.

 Pom-Pom Rakhi

Items Needed- Colorful yarn, cardboard, scissors, and a needle.

Cut a piece of cardboard into a circular shape and wrap colourful yarn around it. Secure it in the centre and cut the loops on both sides. Fluff up the pom-pom and trim it into a perfect sphere. Attach it to a thread or ribbon, and voila! The adorable pom-pom Rakhi is ready to charm your sibling.

Paper Quilling Rakhi

Introduce your kids to the art of paper quilling with this elegant Rakhi idea. The delicate spirals and coils will surely make this Rakhi a work of art.

Paper Quilling Rakhi

Items Needed- Colored paper strips, a quilling tool, glue, and a ribbon or thread.

Roll the paper strips using the quilling tool to form various shapes like coils and spirals. Assemble these quilled shapes into a beautiful pattern and glue them onto the ribbon or thread. Witness the magic of paper quilling as your kids create a Rakhi that showcases their artistic finesse.

Starry Rakhi

Celebrate the celestial bond between siblings with this enchanting starry Rakhi. Let your kids reach for the stars as they craft a Rakhi that sparkles with love.

Starry Rakhi

Items Needed- Star-shaped beads, metallic thread, and a ribbon or thread.

Thread the star-shaped beads onto the metallic thread to form a string of shimmering stars. Tie the metallic thread to the ribbon or thread, and your kids will have a Rakhi that symbolises the special moments they share with their siblings under the starlit sky.

Ribbon Bow Rakhi

Teach your kids the art of gift wrapping with this charming ribbon bow Rakhi. They can create a sweet and simple Rakhi that exudes elegance.

Ribbon Bow Rakh

Items Needed- Satin ribbon, scissors, and a glue gun.

Cut the satin ribbon into equal lengths and tie them together to form a bow. Secure the ends with a glue gun and attach the bow to a longer piece of ribbon or thread. This lovely ribbon bow Rakhi will showcase your kids' attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

Wrapping Words

With these delightful DIY Rakhi ideas for kids, you can celebrate Raksha Bandhan with handmade love and heartfelt emotions. Engaging in these creative activities will not only make the festival memorable but also strengthen the bond between siblings. So, let the little hands work their magic and gift their siblings something truly special and unique. As you cherish the joy of crafting together, Raksha Bandhan will become a treasure trove of cherished memories for years to come. You can also explore a delightful collection of kids Rakhis online, ensuring it becomes an unforgettable celebration.