10 Unique and Easily Available Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids are the toughest audience to please, especially when you have to host a lot of them. They are quite social as compared to others and have a big friend circle too. These innocent souls love to celebrate with everyone, and that is why their birthday invitation is list is almost never-ending. If you are celebrating your kid’s birthday, he/she must already have told you exactly what they want, the type of cake, whom to invite, the birthday gift they desire, the food they want to have and even so what decor they will love the most. But the only thing that is not included in their list of demands is the return gift. Every kid guest expects it from you. If you wish to win their hearts, you have to choose something unique, trendy and commonly loved, so they take a good memory from this party they attended. It can’t be expensive because you have to buy a good number of it but should be of utility. If you are looking around for something exactly like that then here are a few birthday return gift ideas that will amuse you too:

Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Clay Kits

This one will be honing their creativity and will be appreciated by their parents also. The kit contains clay lumps of different color and urges the kids to use their imagination and build something out of it. They will be super-excited for a new addition in their toy list, and they can use it at school too in the craft sessions.

Clay Kits

2. Soft Toys

Yes, kids may have a plethora of teddy bears and pandas already, but the excitement of a new stuffed friend never fades away. Pick a size that could easily be carried in their school bags, and while they are travelling, so they always share their experience with their new BFF. This is one of the best return gift ideas for kids.

Soft Toys

3. Mini Board Games

The huge board games that need almost half the room to spread out is not trendy now. Replace the ides with mini board games that they could spread in the park, garden, playground and could also carry with themselves while going on a vacation. This will let the kids have a good time anywhere and definitely will increase the fun quotient too.

Mini Board Games

4. Jigsaw Puzzle

This return gift will give them more fun time with family and friends. The jigsaw puzzles are supposed to improve their creativity and sharpen analytical thoughts too. It is a perfect way to pass their time when they are getting bored. Choose some fun images so that every kid can have a unique puzzle for them.

Jigsaw Puzzle

5. Piggy Banks

Saving money is one of the valuable lessons that kids need to be taught from the very beginning, and a cute piggy bank will make them excited for the drill. For the same price, you can find different designs that will make money-saving practice fun for them.

Piggy Banks

6. Finger Paint

This is one of the most fun and creative gifts. you can present your child’s friends with. Their parents too will love this thoughtful present that will bring out the artistic side of their kids. Let them mix colors and create new shapes while having loads of fun together. Make sure to buy the non-toxic paints for them.

Finger Paint

7. Story Books

Books are a man's best friend, and every parent wants their kid to develop the habit of reading. So much so, that they start reading books to them even when they are an infant. Knowledge is power and books are a fun way to gain power. You will be appreciated by their parents too. Pick a book with illustrations that will make them want to read it every day before bed.

Story Books

8. Glow In The Dark Stars

Gift a bag full of them to the kids and watch them jumping with joy every night. These stickers had to be put up on the ceiling, and the stars will glow on every kid’s mind while going to sleep. You never know, this may solve the issue for parents too if they have a tough time putting their kid to bed.

Glow In The Dark Stars

9. Colouring Books

This book might just seem like fun to kids, but they improve focus, creativity and thought process of the kids too. Let them paint the sky green and water yellow and use their imagination to create a whole new world of their own.

Colouring Books

10. Globes

Amplify the children’s sense of adventure with a globe that could be put on a table. Let them wander around the earth and learn about new places which will increase their curiosity and knowledge. In some cultures, gifting a globe is considered lucky too.


It might be possible that you love these ideas but don’t have enough time to pay a visit to the market to hunt for these gifts. Well, luckily, all you need to do is to place the order and buy return birthday gifts online. Save your time and win the hearts of the little ones too.

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