10 Creative and Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrapping is an art that is not much appreciated nowadays. Whether it’s the presents left under the Christmas tree or a birthday gift, what makes the interest piqued in these gifts is the wrapping. The joy of looking under that beautiful, shining wrap paper is unmatched with anything else. When it comes to online gift, a beautiful packaging makes sure that the person will love the gift inside whereas a sloppy wrap job makes the recipient think that the present is just a formality and is not given with emotions in the heart. It would be best if you were under the notion that a beautiful wrap job takes a lot of time and effort. Still, here we are going to enlist a few gift packing ideas that are as easy as it could get and will give the illusion that it has taken a lot more effort than it actually has.

Creative and Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

1. Paper Bag Wrap

If you can’t find the wrapping paper that you wish, pick up the paper bags left unused and wrap them in the present. If they are vibrant enough, then your job is already done, but if it is brown, then all you need to do is to tie a thread or ribbon on the top to let it a vintage look. Apart from that, you can always draw or write on the package to lend it a unique look:

Paper Bag Wrap

2. Fabric Wrap

Pick a fabric in a solid colour and wrap your gift with a cloth rather than paper. Not only is it environment-friendly, but it also creates a picturesque presentation of the gift. If you wish to make it even more crafty, make a flower out of the cloth wrap rather than embellishing it with a bow.

Fabric Wrap

3. Puzzle Gift Wrap

Wrap your present with a word search wrapping paper for the puzzle lover of your life. It will be like two gifts in one. Be assured that wrapping paper will be saved to play with later and your ingenious creativity will be applauded too. This is one of the most creative gifts packing ideas.

Puzzle Gift Wrap

4. Cotton Balls Wrap

After packaging the gift with a solid wrapping paper, adorn it with cotton balls of different colours. Take two rolls of cotton wool and dip it in colour. Make several cotton balls out of that rolls and place it in a grid on the wrapped package. This gift decoration idea will surely make the recipient love the presentation.

Cotton Balls Wrap

5. Photo Wrapping Paper

Print a photo on an A4 sheet and use it as wrapping paper. Not only, easy and effortless, but it will also recreate a beautiful memory in the mind of the one receiving a present from you. This is the perfect gift wrapping idea for a birthday and anniversary. It’s your choice to take a colour print or black and white picture. It will look beautiful in both.

Photo Wrapping Paper

6. Sewn Gift Wrap

This is a gift wrapping idea without a box! All you need to do is to keep the present between the two sheets of fabric or felt paper and then sew around the edges with a machine. It is not only mesmerising, but you also won’t be needing any perfect-sized box or wrapping paper. This will save you a ton of effort.

Sewn Gift Wrap

7. Paper Animals

Who doesn’t love a creative and cute gift wrap? A nice, friendly greeting from a penguin, reindeer, or polar bear is always celebrated with enthusiasm. All you need to implement this funny gift wrapping idea, you just need a punch and scissors to cut out the pieces from a coloured paper.

Paper Animals

8. Polka Dot Wrap

Make a lasting impression with a chic polka dot wrap on the present. This gift presentation idea requires zero effort but scores well when it comes to the beauty quotient of a gift. You can find polka dot wrapping paper in the local gift shop, or you can create your own. All you need is a paint bottle, brush and a brown paper packaging for the present. Don’t forget to adorn it with a ribbon.

Polka Dot Wrap

9. Woven Ribbon

Instead of putting ribbon like a bow, opt for putting it flat like a grid to lend a woven look to the wrapped gift. This simple twist of flat lattice design will ensure that your gift is intact and not get crushed in the mail.

Woven Ribbon

10. Initial Tags

Pack the present as usual and in the end, place a glitter cut out of the initial of the recipient and hang it by the string. This little tag will add a sparkle to their day for sure.

Initial Tags

These packaging ideas could be implemented only if there is a heart-stealing gift to wrap onto. While you are thinking of a creative gift wrapping idea, ease your way into buying gifts for your loved ones and order a birthday gift online to delight them with.