Infuse Some Bollywood Romance this Valentine Day

Valentines Day is around the corner! Surprise your loved one with a romantic valentines day song. We believe in celebrating our love every day of the year. Make lots of great memories this Valentine's Day with our breakthrough valentines day special song. This one-of-a-kind and amusing melody will show your other half how much you care. You can share these amazing songs by texting or emailing them to a loved one, saving them to your Lips collection, and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter or you can also be a bit old school and dedicate it to the radio. Celebrating valentines day through music is one of the best valentine's day celebration ideas.

Bollywood Romance

Single, taken, or somewhere in between! Valentine is for all. It’s that time of the year where love is celebrated all over the world. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. This day is not meant for lovers but for all those whom we love. Be it your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister or any relation closer. Of course, Valentine’s Day is not the only day to share your love. Instead, it is yet another opportunity to let those whom we love know how much we love and appreciate them. Since our central theme here is how you can make your date a romantic one, sticking on the topic let us provide you with some amazing valentine day date ideas to make your valentine romantic and special. So, make your valentine’s day even more special by making it a Bollywood valentine day through these songs.

Mere Haath me Tera Haath Ho”-Bonfire

Sitting right next to the person in front of a bonfire is the most romantic thing you can ever ask from your significant other. If you are bored with the cliche valentine gifts, ideas plan a romantic bonfire date and spend the night cuddling up by the fire. Bonus points if you can arrange some music and a glass of wine.

Mere Haath me Tera Haath Ho

“Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai”- Rooftop Dinner

Yes, do dil toh mil rahe hai! Dump the old and traditional gift ideas and plan a surprise Valentine's date for your significant other. If you are confused about where to take him/her so that he/she doesn’t get upset. Take it up a notch by dressing classy, decorating the rooftop area and presenting your partner with a printed menu (of their choice).

Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai

“Ye Kahan Aa Gaye Hum Yuhi Saath Saath Chalte”-Romantic Getaway

For those couples who are looking for a change then, good music, long drive and your significant other are all you need to make your valentine super romantic! There is nothing better than a quiet, romantic weekend in the mountains or beach or any of your partner’s favourite location. Spend the special day somewhere your partner wanted to go for so long. Let this be a surprise valentine's day gifts for him or her.

Ye Kahan Aa Gaye Hum Yuhi Saath Saath Chalte

“Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar”-Recreate your First date

Take things way back to where you first started falling for each other with a second take on your first date. If you can remember what you did or what you ate, you could even order the same food and drinks as you did on the very first date.

Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar

“Lag Ja Gale Ki Fir ye Haseen Raat ho Na Ho”-Movie Night at Home

For those who love to stay home and cuddle together then nothing is better than movie night. Pick your favourite movie and make a night out of it. Add some popcorns and drinks to make the night more romantic.

Lag Ja Gale Ki Fir ye Haseen Raat ho Na Ho

“Gulabi Ankhen Jo Teri Dekhi”- Celebrate it Over a Glass of Wine

You are more amazed to see flowers and designs on the cake right? The purpose is served using piping nozzles or piping tips. They are used for designing and decoration on the ice caked, for making flowers as well as necessary designs on the cake.

Gulabi Ankhen Jo Teri Dekhi

“Chand Chupa Badal Mein”-Hot Air Balloon Ride

Treat your special lady or man by escaping to the clouds. There is nothing romantic like the uplifting sensation of a hot balloon ride. Plan a surprise while you in the air with a bouquet and a delicious cake. Bonus point if you take a ring (if you are planning to propose!) We all know that true love is about more than just a song. A great song can be fun, and even help you tell your story, but it isn't everything. Wouldn't you agree? Maybe there's another side to this story: Maybe true love is about something more significant than the perfect gift or the most romantic of gestures. And maybe love is something that happens in everyday moments that we barely even notice—moments of kindness, and selflessness, and understanding. Maybe love is a state of mind; something we carry with us in every moment, like a song we can't get out of our heads…

Chand Chupa Badal Mein

So, there were some different valentine day date ideas (Bollywood style!). Plan your date and make your date special and memorable. Whenever you are looking for some amazing valentines day gift for her, a valentines day gift for him, you can easily go for valentines day roses along with these beautiful songs and surprise your partner like never before! Dedicating songs is the best valentine's day date ideas and romantic valentines day ideas that you should definitely go for! So, Plan your date and make your date special and memorable. Ring in this Valentine’s day with Your Love…Listen to these amazing songs and convey all your feelings to your beloved.

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