Find The Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Nature Lovers!

The task of coming up with a meaningful present for someone who is passionate about environmental sustainability, natural resources, or organic products is quite challenging. Eco friendly is hard to come by. Most people who are avid nature lovers are curious about the carbon footprint and the sustainability of the environment around them. You cannot just send gifts without giving them quite some thought.

Find The Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Nature Lovers

If the acquaintance in your life has a green thumb, complement them by buying them "green" gifts for that special occasion. Green gifts for nature conservationists:

1.Organic flowers

Organic flowers are ideal romantic gifts for an eco-conscious spouse. It is possible to source organic flowers from local florists or even simply pick a fresh bouquet from your garden if you have one. Another great idea would be to gift your loved one with an adorable potted plant.

Organic flowers

2.Handcrafted artefacts

You cannot go wrong with handcrafted artefacts because you are guaranteed that clean labour went into their construction. Unlike commercially made products that involve the use of polluting technologies, handcrafted gifts are simply made by hand. You should, however, expect to dig a little deeper into your pocket as these tend to be expensive due to the amount of time, skill and effort that goes into their creation. Some good examples include nutshell bracelets and bamboo chopping boards.

Handcrafted artefacts

3.Eco-friendly candles

Candles are great gifts that most nature lovers will appreciate. You can give some green candles that are 100% made from soy and beeswax to your loved one. In addition, you may opt for the scented versions whose fragrance is purely sourced from eco-friendly substances. Soy candles are cool eco-friendly alternatives to regular aromatic candles that are made out of paraffin wax. Soy is preferable to paraffin because it does not contain chemical preservatives or synthetic materials. Best of all, candles from soy wax have been found to last even longer than other candles. Typically, fragrances used are all-natural and derived from essential oils.

Eco-friendly candles

4.Eco-friendly clothing and shoes

Another great idea for gifts that your nature lovers will love is clothing and shoes made from organic fibres. Fortunately, many designer brands are today coming up with eco-friendly collections for environmentally conscious yet fashion-savvy modern nature lovers.

Eco-friendly clothing and shoes

5.Organic skincare and makeup

Organic skincare and makeup are hot "green" products on the marketplace. Many skin cleansers and makeup lines have earned a nasty reputation for the use of animal testing, unnatural chemical preservatives, or are harsh on the skin. While some lines claim to use organic ingredients, sometimes you have to read between the fine lines and realize that the use of natural ingredients is simply a marketing ploy; the majority of the ingredients are made from some mish-mash of synthetics and man-made chemical preservatives.

Organic skincare and makeup

6.Organic bath and body products

Bath and body products are one of the most popular gift ideas you can find - and they are increasingly being manufactured from organic materials. Gift ideas here include organic soaps made out of natural glycerine and massage creams infused with aromatic oils. Sugar and salts are used to create exfoliating body scrubs for soft, supple, youthful-looking skin. Moisturizers are often made out of Shea butter as a natural emollient derived from Africa. Similar to the skincare items, always make sure that your purchase is 100% organic rather than "featuring" herbal or natural ingredients.

Organic bath and body products

7.Recycled accessories

Recycled jewellery is another great eco-friendly gift idea. Very creative artisans have challenged themselves to use other mediums, creating beautiful bejewelled adornments out of reusable materials. You will find recycled jewellery made from different glass, metals, even materials such as pottery. Other accessories are also crafted out of recyclable materials like outdated newspapers and magazine covers and repurposed as handbags, wallets, and tote bags.

Recycled accessories

These accessories are available in various designs, sizes and shapes and may be constructed out of a wide range of materials, including bamboo, candy wrappers and waste cartons. It is possible to source your recycled handbags and accessories online from various sites that deal with green gifts for loved ones.

Other eco-friendly gift ideas to explore include plush organic bath linens and bedding, kitchen cookware made recyclable ingredients for your aspiring "green" gourmet, and home accents made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo to create a comfortable, contemporary, environmentally responsible living space. The best part about buying eco-friendly items is that you can purchase them from legitimate suppliers online and have them delivered to the recipient’s address directly with agile same day delivery gifts Kolkata services.