How To Grow Radish Plant At Home? Art of Growing Healthy Radish Plant

Those who have green thumbs always look for the betterment of their skills to grow. And this write-up will be a beneficiary for those who love Radish. Not only will you learn how to grow Radish but also how to grow a healthy radish plant.
But before that, we want you to pack your back for being a lover of greenery and the one who loves to stay organic.
Not many people take that toll on their lifestyle, but you are the one who knows the importance of being close to small farming activities.

How To Grow Radish Plant At Home? Art of Growing Healthy Radish Plant

About Radish Plant

- Raphanus Sativus is the scientific name of Radish.

- It is an edible root vegetable that belongs to the family of Brassicaceae.

- Radish is mostly eaten as raw as a crunchy salad vegetable.

- The radish plant has a rosette of oblong-shaped leaves and short-hairy stems.

- Glucosinolate, myrosinase, and isothiocyanate are among the chemicals that provide Radish with its sharp flavour.

- Southeast Asia is tentatively located as the origin of Raphanus Sativus by scientists because truly wild forms have been discovered in this region.

Types Of Radish

Here are 30 different types of radish plants with their names and pictures.

1. Black Spanish Radish

Black Spanish Radish

2. Cherry Belle Radish

Cherry Belle Radish

3. China Rose Radish

China Rose Radish

4. Chinese Green Luobo Radish

Chinese Green Luobo Radish

5. Chinese Red Meat Radish

Chinese Red Meat Radish

6. Crimson Giant Radish

Crimson Giant Radish

7. Daikon Long White Radish

Daikon Long White Radish

8. Early Scarlet Globe Radish

Early Scarlet Globe Radish

9. De 18 Jours Radish

De 18 Jours Radish

10. Easter Egg Radish

Easter Egg Radish

11. Fire & Ice Radish

Fire & Ice Radish

12. French Breakfast Radish

French Breakfast Radish

13. French Dressing Radish

French Dressing Radish

14. German Giant Radish

German Giant Radish

15. Giant Of Sicily Radish

16. Green Meat Radish

Green Meat Radish

17. Horseradishv


18. Malaga Radish

Malaga Radish

19. Perfecto Radish

Perfecto Radish

20. Pink Beauty Radish

Pink Beauty Radish

21. Purple Plum Radish

Purple Plum Radish

22. Sakurajima Radish

Sakurajima Radish

23. Saxa 2 Radish

Saxa 2 Radish

24. Sichuan Red Beauty Radish

Sichuan Red Beauty Radish

25. Singara Rat’s Tail Radish

Singara Rat’s Tail Radish

26. Sparkler Radish

Sparkler Radish

27. Watermelon Radish

28. White Icicle Radish

White Icicle Radish

29. Zlata Radish

30. White Globe Hailstone Radish

How To Grow A Healthy Radish Plant?

Preparing To Plant

You should first decide which variety of Radish you want to grow. Different varieties have different favourable times and conditions to be planted. You can plant cherry belle radish and spring radish in spring or fall. Winter radishes like Daikon and Champion are best grown in the late summer.

Right Site For Growing

- Plant your Radish in an area with full sun or partial shade.

- The soil should be well-drained and loose, and make sure to remove the rocks from the soil.

- Add organic matter such as compost and manure before planting Radish.

- It will be much better to answer how to grow Radish perfectly if you can have the soil tested for nutrients from a lob.

Schedule Plantings Of Radish

- Most of the radishes are best to be planted in spring and autumn.

- It is better to plant the first crop before the last frost in spring.

- Stop radish planting if you are having consecutive days of 60 °F (16 °C) or above.

Growing Radish Plant

- Sow radish seeds ½ inch deep in the soil and at least 1 inch apart.

- If you are growing in roots, then keep at least 1 feet gap between the rows.

- Keep the soil moist and not soaked by watering radishes frequently and evenly.

- Thin the plants to three-inch spacing when radish seedlings are about two inches tall.

- Use compost enriched with wood ashes to mulch the Radish. It will help the soil to retain moisture, and then you will get a perfect radish and radish plant.

Radish Harvesting Tips

- Most of the radishes are typically ready for harvesting when the roots are 1 inch in diameter.

- You can try to push back the soil to see if the Radish is ready or not. If it seems so, try pulling out some and taste them.

- Pull out the radishes just when they are ready, and do not leave them grounded for long.

- After taking out the radishes from the soil, use them within a week.

- If you do not need them so quickly, then cut off the leaves and store them in a refrigerator after putting them in a plastic bag.

Now you know how to grow Radish, we hope you have perfect radish cultivation experience. If you are among those novice gardeners who not only love greenery in the backyard but also want to amplify the beauty of the indoors with plants, you can buy indoor plants online. Do not forget to share the knowledge with other gardeners in your community.