Top 7 Eco-friendly Gifts for Sister on Rakhsha Bandhan

No one can ever refuse the fact that pollution has destroyed our mother nature. Emission of poisonous gases from vehicles, industries, medical decays, etc. is all the major cause of pollution. And the increase in pollution leads to an increase in deteriorating human health. Apart from the harmful chemicals mentioned above the use of single-use plastic bags, plastic bottles, polythene bags, etc. are equally responsible for a harmful environment.

And to make our surroundings a little less horrible, sustainability is the call of the hour. So to help you in this drill of sustainability, here we bring you a list of eco-friendly gifts for your sister, this Rakhi. Why gifts? Well, because it is the small steps that count the most, so let us explore an environmentally friendly gifts list for your sister.

Eco-friendly Gifts for Sister on Rakhsha Bandhan

1. Air Purifying Plants

It would be unfair if we begin the list without plants. Air purifying plants do not just add a pop of colour in the house, but plants also give the people a purified air to breathe in. So, this year on Rakhi, give green gifts to your sister that will help her live healthily. The market (both online and offline), is filled with cutesy vases that come along with a plant, so choose the one you think your sister would adore the most. Go for plants like a Lucky Bamboo, Money Plant, etc. that are also considered as good luck charms.

Air Purifying Plants

2. Reusable Straws

Remember every time you guys go out partying or for a movie, you don’t forget to munch some popcorns and sip some cold drinks in the break. The plastic straws that are given to you along with the cold drinks or coffee are not only non-biodegradable but are harmful, as well. So go online shopping and look for a pair of steel straws, that comes with a washing spoolie brush, to get the straw cleaned after every use. These straws are reusable, and we are sure your sister will love the idea.

Reusable Straws

3. A Pair of Tote Bags

Every girl loves the bag, especially if she is someone who is in college or a corporate. One of the many eco friendly gift ideas for such a lady would be a pair of tote bags. Tote bags come in long handles, which eases the carrier while they are out to shop for groceries, vegetables, clothes, etc. Tote bags are usually made up of thick cloth and are durable, that means minimum use of polythene or paper bags while shopping.

Pair of Tote Bags

4. Water Bottle

The habit of keeping yourself hydrated is something all of us lack a lot. So, this Raksha Bandhan gift your sister a steel water bottle with her picture imprinted on it, or maybe a quote that she lives by. We promise, this gift is not just hatke but is also something she will use every day, without any fail. Take our advice, and go to online stores to purchase a personalised water bottle for her as online you will have a lot of options for customisation.

Water Bottle

5. Natural Skincare Range

If skincare is an essential part of your sister’s daily regime (which is important for everyone), then picking up some natural ingredient-based skincare products would be a win-win situation. Not just these products would be counted as green gifts for girls, but also, it would keep her skin to be free from chemicals and come close to nature. You will find such hampers on various sites, online.

Natural Skincare Range

6. Cork Yoga Mat

If your sister is a fitness enthusiast and she likes to do her yoga at home by herself, then give her a yoga mat, that is made up of cork material. This gift would be not just one of those eco friendly gifts for women but will also be a thoughtful one for your sister. She will enjoy her yoga sessions a lot more whenever she uses this cork mat.

Cork Yoga Mat

7. Solar Powered Phone Charger

Is your sister a bit careless when it comes to charging her phone? Then a solar charger would work the best for her as a gift. Check online for one such charger and order for her. In India, where the weather is almost hot everywhere, a solar charger would be a hit gift for her.

Solar Powered Phone Charger

So here we end our list of eco friendly gifts for girls, but there are always more. All you need is some brain-storming and present your lovely sister with an all nature-friendly gift on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan this year. And as said by the great Albert Einstein- “Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty,” let us all play a part and save nature, and it’s beauty.