How Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated in Different Parts of India

Raksha Bandhan is almost here and will be celebrated on August 30, 2023. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie sacred knots or thread on the wrist of their brothers which is symbolic of asking and at the same time seeking protection. The brother takes an oath to protect their sister from evil. Across India, irrespective of religion and cast, this great festival is celebrated with full joy and enjoyment. To top the celebrations, delightful desserts and thoughtful gifts are exchanged between siblings.

The importance of the rakhi celebration can be measured from the fact that it deepens the connection between a brother and sister, a defining character of Indian culture. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration since ancient times, and there are a few stories from the past that spin around this custom. Indian history has a few stories when siblings are said to have ventured up to save their sisters during times of evil. It is said that in the earlier times, sovereigns used to send Rakhi to their neighbors symbolizing brotherhood. Even in modern times, no matter where the brother resides, the sisters are always there to make the celebration memorable. Even if they cannot visit their brothers, they send rakhi online to them.

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Raksha Bandhan celebration in Different Parts of India

In India, the importance of this festival is so much that the courier departments issue envelopes at a very minimal cost so that sisters can send rakhi to their brothers staying far away from them. Preparations for the great Indian Rakhi festival starts days before the ceremony, and the festival is celebrated differently following different rituals and traditions in different parts of the country. Below, we have discussed how the festival is commenced in different parts of India.

Celebrations in North Eastern Part of India - Shravan Purnima

The celebration of Rakhi has become a very special occasion throughout the years in North-Eastern parts of India. Individuals of the north-eastern district commence the celebration with full enthusiasm. States like Tripura and Assam commend the celebration with more enthusiasm as there is an enormous number of Hindu individuals living in those states. Nonetheless, the celebration of Rakhi is not just restricted to Hinduism. Individuals of all religions tie the sacred rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. Children in these parts celebrate the festival by tying the holy string on the wrist of their friends to symbolize their significance in their life.

Celebrations in North Eastern Part of India

Celebrations in Western Coastal Regions of India - Nariyal Purnima

This celebration is significant for those living in the coastal regions, particularly the fisher society, who are mainly dependent on the ocean for their occupation. Rakhi Purnima is the time at which the Monsoons begin withdrawing and the thunderous ocean calms down. The new season of fishing starts and the fishermen offer coconuts to the ocean as a thanksgiving to Lord Varun - The Hindu Rain God.

Celebrations in Western Coastal Regions of India

Celebrations in Eastern Part of India - Jhulan Purnima

Known as Jhulan Yatra, this festival commemorates the romance between Krishna and Radha. A week-long celebration commends in which there is a fabulous display of decorated swings along with dancing and singing. This celebration is a significant one, particularly for the Vaishnavas. The festival is celebrated with utmost joy and enthusiasm.

Celebrations in Eastern Part of India

Celebrations in Southern Part of India - Avani Avittam

The Rakhi Bandhan festival is commended as Avani Avittam in South India. On this day, the Brahmins change the heavenly string called Janeu that they wear in the wake of taking a sacred dip. The change in the Janeu is representative of Prayashchit, penance of every past wrongdoing and a Mahasankalp, a pledge to carry on with an existence of goodness, respect and dignity. The great Yajur Veda reading is also initiated by scholars on this day.

Celebrations in Southern Part of India

Celebrations in Central Region of India - Kajari Purnima

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is significant for the ranchers as the planting season of wheat and grain starts. As per convention, just ladies who have borne children can play out the rituals of the festival. They gather soil in a cup made of leaves which is then set in a dark room in the home and venerated for seven days before being immersed in a lake or a waterway. People pray to Goddess Bhagwati for the prosperity of the family and a great harvest.

Celebrations in Central Region of India

So, that’s all about the celebrations and importance of the Raksha Bandhan festival in different parts of the country. The tradition of sisters tying rakhi is followed by many and if you haven’t got a rakhi for your brothers and siblings, then buy rakhi sets online and get ready to celebrate the great festival!