Take Your Mum by Surprise this Mother's Day!

“To the world, you are a mother! But to your family, you are the world!”

Well, your mom is thoughtful and deserves a thoughtful gift! With Mother’s Day knocking doors, there is no better opportunity for you to bring a graceful smile on your mom’s face. For your forever friend, we have come up with the list of thoughtful Mother's Day gifts, and the best part about the list is that we have categorised the gifts in two sections! We know that some of your moms’ might not be into materialistic things and giving her such a thing will only find its way to the locked closet! So, we have provided you with some amazing gesture ideas as well that are so thoughtful that your mom will definitely love! Let’s get started with some thoughtful first Mothers Day gifts.

Electric Tea Kettle

If she is more of a tea person, then this one’s a perfect gift for her. Grab a gorgeous designed tea kettle for her in a beautiful colour. As it is electric, she can easily boil the water in less time than the traditional manner! So, let her enjoy the tea with this kettle.

Electric tea kettle

A Recipe Book

Well, how about helping out your mom in preparing the best dishes at home? She surely is a magician when it comes to baking great food at home, but a recipe book will help her cook and serve the best at the dinner table.

A recipe book

A Novel

Two possibilities are going with this gift! The first one is that she is a fan of Dan Brown’s or any other writer’s novels, and giving her the latest release of her favourite writer will surely do the magic for you. The second one is that you can give her a novel of your choice only if you are willing to take a risk. :p

A novel

Fitness Tracker

Is she health conscious? You have hit the jackpot! Impress her by gifting a fitness tracker that will track her heartbeat, calories, motions, exercise, and much more! With it’s easy to use interface, it is an ideal pick in the list of thoughtful mothers day presents. Just don’t let her check the sleep tracker. :)

Fitness tracker

Beauty Hamper

A beauty hamper containing all the spa and grooming items is indeed one of the best Mother's Day gifts. Pampering her is your duty because a mother makes sure that her child lives by all the luxuries. It’s time for you to make her feel the same!

Beauty hamper

Floral Subscription

Nothing can be more thoughtful than sending refreshing and blooming blooms at her doorstep. A gift that is not just for a day or for a week! It is a gift that will fill her home with the beauty of flowers for months and years to come according to the floral subscription package you choose.

Floral Subscription


Succulents are tough and beautiful. Succulents are less demanding, unlike you and your mom will love it for sure. Choose a personalised vase for the plant and give it to your mom. You will be sending a token of fresh air at her home.


These are some useful and thoughtful gifts which you can present to your Mum this Mother’s Day. Now, we will be mentioning some thoughtful gestures that you can make to surprise your mom!

Bake a Cake

Bake a special Mothers Day cake for her and serve it to her by decorating the cake. Make sure that you bake the cake of her favourite flavour and do the frosting accordingly to present a lip-smacking cake to her.

Bake a cake

Write a Letter

If you are far away from her, then pen down all your feelings and express your undying love for her by sending her a letter that says it all! Nothing will make her happier than receiving a letter from you in her mailbox.

Write a letter

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Take her Out for Dinner

A dinner date is surely going to make her the happiest. Take her out to her favourite restaurant and order her favourite dishes. Discuss everything funny and serious with her over a plate of fresh salad!

Take your mom out for dinner

Sing A Poem

Well, you might not be a poet but writing something poetic for your lovely mother is a great way to convey your feelings. Not a problem if you can’t pen down a perfect pitch poem. Just pen down anything for her, and she will love it.

Sing a poem

Serve Breakfast in Bed

She always serves you breakfast and prepares all your stuff so that you don’t get late for work. Let her have some rest by making her breakfast and serving it on the bed with morning tea!

Serve breakfast in bed

So, these were some Mother's Day thoughtful gifts and gestures! No matter what you give her, she will be filled with joy even from a small sweet gesture! Hope you make your wonder-woman mom happy on a special day with thoughtful presents. Happy gifting and a Happy Mother’s Day!