How to Send Rakhi to Indian Army Soldiers

Pain and difficulties are mere words
For they, make them seem small
Draped in their uniforms, boots, and hats
They salute the flag every day
And, touch the feet of this wonderful land
They stand their grounds firm
With their heads held high
Even the sky salutes them for their fearlessness
And the waters make a flag of their waves
Every day we sleep in our beds
Because they protect us awakened all night
One day, they give all they have, their lives
And wait to be sent home in the flag they have always held high up in the sky!

How to Send Rakhi to Indian Army Soldiers

During the Raksha Bandhan eve festivities, have you ever wondered how to send rakhi to Indian army? We all know soldiers are real heroes, selfless and brave, always ready to give their life for the country. Festivals come and go, but they are always at the border protecting our lives from harm. One such festival is Raksha Bandhan when they are far away from their sisters, and nothing’s better than to light up their day with delightful rakhi and rakhi gifts! It is a very thoughtful and heart-melting gesture. You can send rakhi to Indian Army soldiers easily. Appreciate their efforts with your sweet and small gesture on this special day. Now, if you are thinking about how to send rakhi to Indian Army soldiers or where to send the rakhis and other gifts, then we have covered it all below.

The Army Postal Service and the Indian Postal Service are quite efficient and fast when it comes to getting the couriers delivered to the soldiers. The process is very simple.

  • Put in the batch of rakhis in an envelope and on the top of the envelope, you need to write in bold “RAKHI FOR SOLDIERS”. This will be the heading of your envelope.
  • Now, address it to the Indian Army soldiers : C/O 99 APO or C/O 56 APO.
  • Draft the envelope! The postal service will take care of the rest.

99 APO covers the troops in the east like Sikkim, West Bengal, the 7 northeastern states, and many more. 56 APO covers most of the troops from north to south and the west. Once you draft the post, the Indian Post will transfer the envelope to the Army Post. The Army Post will then transfer the rakhis envelope to the soldiers on the border. Now if you are wondering where your rakhis will be reaching and how will the other soldiers get rakhis on the festival, then there are a lot of rakhis that are sent from across the nation to the broder and the Army Postal Services take care of the even distribution of rakhis.

When you send rakhi for Indian army, you create a domino effect of goodness. These brave men and women have been striving for honor, goodness, and the protection of our country, which makes them exceptionally dutiful nationalists. Dedicating your rakhi to them gives them more hope and resolution to keep moving forward, to strive and accomplish their goal in life - which is to protect and love their motherland, even at the cost of their lives.

So the next time you face a dilemma on how to send rakhi to Indian soldiers, You can always buy online rakhi through a reliable gifting portal like FlowerAura. Mention in the comments at the checkout while placing your order that the Rakhis are for the soldiers and we will make sure that the rakhi reaches on time! Bring a smile on the faces of the ones that have taken an oath to protect you, your loved ones, and the country!

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