Every Number of Roses Means Something - Have You Figured It

“The red rose whispers of passion. And the white rose breathes of love; O, the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove.”- John Boyle O'Reilly

Roses are the queen among all the other flowers because of its versatile symbolism which gives the different meanings of different color roses. Each roses colour meaning varies from one another, while a red rose stands for love and passion, a white rose stands for purity and innocence. A yellow rose is given to embrace a platonic friendship while a pretty pink rose is given to someone whom one admires. For every good or unfortunate feeling, there is a rose expressing the unsaid on your behalf. One can consult the rose color meaning chart and pass a dreamy rose to someone dear across his/her birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, teacher’s day and the list continues...Roses are exquisite, just like any other kind of flowers, but what makes them different is that people of all age groups loved to be pampered over red, white, pink and any other rose colors and their meanings. Not just people like to be greeted over roses but also send roses to their loving partners to their mentors and family members.

Every Number of Roses Means Something

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Due to its versatility in terms of different colours of roses meaning has made it a classic choice of everyone. But colours apart, did you know that rose colors and meanings are only not just something which leaves one surprised to the core, rather the number of roses conveys something, as well? Yes, at first, we were as tempted to hear something like this. Although, the most common notion or symbolism of giving a rose would be to convey “I Love You” but not necessarily, that the sender wishes to convey this message everytime by passing a rose to a sender. Count the roses and look out for the rose color significance and you shall hear it all out, clearly. So, without much ado, let’s discuss in detail number of roses that one needs to pass their beloved bunch of people to convey their emotions in the right proportions.

1. One Rose

Passing a single rose would mean that you wish to convey your hidden feelings of devotion towards the recipient. Also, expressing that “he/she is the one”, a single rose can create wonders while expressing your “love at first sight” feeling.

One Rose

2. Two Roses

A common feeling of mutual love is said to be observed secretly by passing a rose duo to one another. It’s quite like confessing your mushy lovely feelings, both ways i.e from sender to receiver and vice-versa.

3. Three Roses

If you are not quite able to say those golden words of love, face to face, then three roses will convey on behalf of you, perfectly. Facing a language barrier or not quite been able to gather the courage to confess you love for him/her, pass three roses (preferable red roses) to your partner and you are done and dusted. *Pheww*

Three Roses

4. Six Roses

Drooling over someone for the past few days or secretly crushing over making someone yours, be it, any case, a bunch of six roses works like magic when it comes to speaking the language of love. Feelings of infatuation or wishing to be “someone’s forever” can be best conveyed over a set of 6 garden-fresh roses.

5. Nine Roses

“Roses are Red, Sky is blue. Oh my lover, here’s expressing my eternal love for you”. A bunch of nine roses will make it perfect to express your partner that you shall be forever and always his or hers till eternity.

Nine Roses

6. Ten Roses

When you wish to say “Darling, You Are Perfect!” to your spouse or special someone, make sure to do it right over choosing a bunch of ten roses. Yes, ten to make it a “ten on ten” cherishable event for a lifetime for him/her.

7. Twelve Roses

Wanting someone to be yours? Then, pop up the magical question - “Will you be mine?” to him/her over a dozen of roses.With the beauty and the beautiful appeal of the roses, once you pop up this question, a sure “YES” will be definitely coming your way.

Twelve Roses

8. Thirteen Roses

Just the way, not all the colours convey the same feelings of love, a bunch of thirteen roses conveys the pure meaning of friendship. If you and your buddy has been here for each other, then it’s time to celebrate the bond shared by you over a bunch of lovely thirteen roses.

9. Fifteen Roses

It’s never too late to say sorry and when it’s said over a bundle of fifteen roses, it is probably said in the best possible manner. Your apologies shall be always accepted once you convey it over fifteen roses. Go ahead and try it on your own.

Fifteen Roses

10. Twenty Roses

Sincerity is something everyone strives to seek and in return prove to others. Well, if you are failing to prove it with your work skills, then you probably have to work on it. But, prior to that, you can promise it over a bunch of twenty roses. As roses are an instant heart-winner it will surely cast a wonderful spell in lightening the mood and giving up some optimistic hopes that will assure other person of your sincerity.

11. Twenty One

The ground rule of every relationship has to be trust and commitment. So, let your expressions of love convey to your beloved that “I’m committed to you” by passing a bunch of twenty one rose.

Twenty One

So, this was all about the number of roses and the meaning, that it conveys. While the list of number of roses and its meaning is quite long and includes expressing congratulatory wishes over 25 roses. Well, get all nostalgic and emotional over 36 roses, showing your complete devotion over a bunch of 100 roses and 365 roses to reassure, “no matter what happens I will love you everyday of the 365 days of a year.” Share it with your friends and family who are finding it hard to confess their feelings to someone dear. Hope it helps! :)