Everything About Touch Me Not Plant/Flower

Have you eternally questioned why the famous "touch me not" plant is termed so? We will let you know this today. It is the most sensitive plant ever. This particular plant tends to have tiny green leaves that shut or shrink inwardly when someone touches them. They close immediately even with a tender touch. In Hindi, it is also known as Chui Mui Plant. We have all delighted in seeing it nod off; most likely considering what occurred inside the plant and maybe hanging tight with interest for it to reopen.

Everything About Touch Me Not Plant/Flower

Touch me not plant scientific name

The botanical name of this plant is derived from the Latin word Pudica that means shy and that is why the touch me not plant is named Mimosa Pudica. However, there are many other names for this particular plant such as tickle me plant, sensitive plant, shy plant, humble plant and sleeping plant, etc.

Characteristics of touch me not plant

  • This plant is basically local to Central and South America, yet presently can be fostered in diverse spots as a pantropical weed.
  • This plant is not at all shade tolerant and predominantly fills in soil that has low supplements. This plant is well known for its fast development.
  • The primary feature of this plant is the way it goes through changes in leaf direction. Experimentally, this development is known as nyctinastic, signifying 'sleep'. This one-of-a-kind trait of the plant was subsequently used to examine numerous other plant adjustment and retention patterns.
  • Touch me not plants additionally close during the night time and afterwards resume during light.
Characteristics of touch me not plant

What are the topmost touch me not plant uses?

  • Use of Mimosa Pudica Roots - Customarily roots of the touch me not plant are utilized for treating snake bites, smallpox, diarrhoea, fever, ulcer, jaundice, leucoderma, haemorrhoids, fistula and asthma.
  • Use of Mimosa Pudica Plant Leaves - The leaves of ‘the touch me not plant’, can be used either as a decoction or as the paste is utilized for treating haemorrhoids, pink eye, sleep disorder, wounds, fistula, and toe diseases, etc.
  • Use of Mimosa Pudica Plant Seed - Generally, the touch me not plant seed is utilized for treating the infections in the urinary tract. The seed paste of this plant is utilized for making tablets.
  • Use of the entire plant - The entire plant is utilized for operating stiffness, depression, muscle torment, cancer and elephantiasis. Because of the changing climate and certain contaminants, one can wind up having irritated skin. Antiseptic fluid can help to combat that itching, the best composition to minimize the irritation is the paste from the roots of this particular and apply it to the influenced region. You can likewise make a thick paste by removing the juice of this plant and adding Sesame oil into it.
What are the topmost touch me not plant uses


The touch me not plant is generally cultivated as an indoor yearly plant, and once in a while as a groundcover. Proliferation is finished by seed mostly. It arises wholly in soil that is poor-nutrition that sanctions consistent water drainage and seepage. No matter how sensitive these plants are to touch, they can be planted as an indoor plant at home. Watering should be reduced during the season of winter. The touch me not flower looks the same as fluffy balls which are pink in colour, hence presenting them as alluring and attractive.

From where one can get the touch me not plant seeds

From where one can get the touch me not plant seeds?

One can easily buy the seeds of the touch me not plants from various online nurseries as well as stores near you. Delhi florists can certainly help you with finding the good quality seeds of this particular plant.