Exchange Wishes And Happiness: Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

Finally! That time of the year has come when the entire world will be sparkled with flickering diyas and gleaming candles. Diwali or Deepavali is here! Steeped in spiritual and mythological significance, this festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the restoration of light over darkness.

Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali, in essence, is celebrated to enkindle the light of happiness in every heart and light of life in every house. And for igniting the fireworks of love and warmth around, people are seen indulging in the exchange of gifts and greetings with the people surrounding them.

Among the many relations that are an indispensable part of our lives, employees are one of them. Employees are an important asset in one’s professional life. In the world of competition and work, they are the pillar of strength. Colleagues and staff colour life with wisdom, success, and even cheerful vibes. Also with some employees relationship extend beyond the office cubicle to the personal life. They go on to become your best of friends, lovers, and partners for life.

So, celebrate auspicious Diwali with the people you spend half of the day and the majority of life--employees. Express your gratitude and share festive joys with them by digging these unique Diwali gift ideas for employees.

1. Go Green

This Diwali, take a pledge to make this earth a better place to live by adopting the mantra of “Go Green.” Do not only follow this on a personal level but enlighten the minds of all those who are in contacts with you like your employees, colleagues, friends and family. Potted plants or hampers with a plant as one main component make for useful and ecological Diwali gift ideas for employees.

Gift Plant on Diwali

2. Go Healthy

As the human race is becoming highly health-conscious. It comes as no surprise that in your working staff force, there will be many waistline watchers, ab-builders, and employees who like to live healthily. Also, it is the beginning of the fall, which means dry fruit trays and a basket of healthful munching goodies are idyllic Diwali gifts for employees of every taste and preference.

Dry fruit gift hamper for Diwali

3. Go Savoury

For celebrating festive vibes, sweets and desserts have a crucial role to play. They tend to make the celebrations mellow. Perhaps, no Indian can ever say “No” to a boxful of sugary mithai and melt-in-mouth desserts. So boxes of traditional sweets, handmade chocolates or hampers of everything delicious can be given as corporate Diwali gifts.

Diwali gift hamper of handmade chocolates

4. Go Cosy

For an employer, it would be nearly impossible to please the taste and preference of every employee. In such a situation, universal Diwali gift ideas for office staff like blankets, bedsheets, quilts make for a favourable option.

Winter blankets as Diwali gift

5. Go Personalised

Make this Diwali a little more special for your valuable employees by giving them personalised gifts. You can get the gifts engraved with the name of the company, employers name, Diwali wishes, and many such options. Personalization gift ideas fall in the category of memorable Diwali gift for employees.

Personalised gift for Diwali

Why only employees, these Diwali gift ideas are well-suited for colleagues as well.

This year, make your employees and colleagues Diwali crackling with these Diwali gift ideas for office staff.