All You Need to Know About Diwali 2019

Diwali is one of the most popular and most celebrated festivals in India. It is celebrated with great pomp and splendor, across the length and breadth of the nation. And the most awaited question is when is Diwali celebrated? This year it will be celebrated on 27 October 2019.

Diwali celebrations with diyas

According to the Hindi calendar, the festival of lights is celebrated on the 15th day of Kartik, on Amavasya. Starting at the end of the harvest season, it is often associated with wealth and happiness. But did you know, how many days is Diwali celebrated? No? Well, Diwali is a five-day festive period that begins on Dhanteras and ends on Bhaiya Dooj. Here is a list of day-wise occasions:

Day 1 - Dhanteras (The Day of Fortune)

The five-day-long Deepawali festival begins on Dhanteras. So, when is Dhanteras 2019? Dhanteras would be celebrated on October 25 (Friday). Puja will be held from 7:08 pm to 8:22 pm in the evening. The whole duration of the puja will be 1 hour and 14 min. On Dhanteras, people buy gold or silver ornaments and new utensils or better say metal in any form. It is believed, that buying some form of precious metal is a sign of good luck on the day of Dhanteras. If you are looking for Diwali gifts online, then consider FlowerAura. Here you will find gifts for every occasion and festival.

gold or silver coins for diwali

Day 2- Naraka Chaturdashi (The Day of Knowledge)

When is Narak Chaturdashi 2019? Well, day 2 marks the celebration of Narak Chaturdashi that celebrates the victory of Lord Krishna, after defeating a demon named ‘Narakasur’. It is an important festival for the Hindus. It is observed on the ‘Chaturdashi’ or the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksha or the dark fortnight, in the month of ‘Kartik’, as per the Hindu calendar. It is also called as Chhoti Diwali. According to traditional practice, on this day, people take oil baths before sunrise.

god defeating a demon named Narakasur

Day 3 - Lakshmi Pujan (The Day of Lights, Wealth and Happiness)

When is Laxmi pooja held? Well, day 3 is devoted to Laxmi pooja. On this day, people keep the house clean and pure to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Lamps and diyas are lit in the evening and people worship Goddess Lakshmi along with Lord Ganesha, to bring wealth and prosperity in the house. People buy Diwali gifts for family and friends.

goddess lakshmi along with lord ganesha

Day 4 - Govardhan Puja (New Year)

On the fourth day of Diwali, Govardhan Puja is performed. Also known as Padwa. In South India, Gudi Padwa is celebrated on this day, which is a symbol of love and devotion between wife and husband. In the North Indian states, Govardhan Puja is celebrated to honor Lord Krishna, lifting the Govardhan mountain. This day is also seen as Annakoot i.e. the mountain of food.

lord krishna, lifting the govardhan mountain

Day 5 - Bhai Dooj (The Day of Undying Love of Siblings)

This is the last day of Diwali. On this day, the sisters pray for the long life of the brothers. In return, the brothers gift their sisters as a token of love.

bhai dooj pooja thali

That’s all! The five-day-long festival is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. Let’s all come together and celebrate this festival by sending gifts to family and friends from FlowerAura. We will be obliged to be a part of your happiness.