10 Exotic Pond Plants

You have hundreds and thousands of plants to choose from when it comes to building your pond ecosystem. Pond aquatic plants help to balance the natural ecosystem. Some of these aquatic plants will be submerged in the water of the pond, but some will be above, in the ground next to your water feature. There are several types of water plants available for your pond: swamp, marginal, submerged and floating. This article is a complete guide to the 10 exotic pond plants.

10 Exotic Pond Plants

1. Water Iris

Water iris is a beautiful and beautiful aquatic plant. Its tall stems and elegant flowers will add a touch of magic to your water feature, and bring joy to the warm season with its unforgettable and colorful flowers. They can grow up to 2 to 3 feet (60 to 90 cm.) tall with stunning purple or blue flowers. Iris are frost tolerant, so they are perfect for cold climates. They grow best in partial shade in full sun and begin blooming in early spring.

Water Iris

2. Water Hyacinth

The bright purple or brilliant blue color of hyacinth makes them attractive. But it is not only on the land where they thrive, they also spread easily under water. Hyacinth can be used for biomass, medicinal purposes, treating wastewater, furniture making, ropes and in some parts of the world they can also be consumed.

Water Hyacinth

3. Water Lettuce

One of the most popular floating pond plants (and pond plants in general) are Pistia stratiotes, known as water lettuce. This free floater is preferred by the owners of the pond for its ornamental, lettuce-like growth patterns and easy care. Its long roots shelter young fish and frogs and help filter harmful nitrates from the water. It grows very fast in most environments, so be prepared to remove large amounts regularly!

Water Lettuce

4. Blue Iris

Many water gardeners enjoy the beautiful splendor of the aquatic iris, one of the first plants to bloom in the spring. The aquatic iris consists of such a large and diverse group - there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cultivated and natural hybrids. Blue flag iris can grow up to four feet tall! A wetland lover, Blue Flag's large flowers are breathtaking, ranging in colors from pale blue to purple.

Blue Iris

5. Water Lilies

Water Lilies are stunning creatures in water gardens and often this is why many gardeners add a pond to their landscape. These beautiful pond plants are characterized by amazing flowers that represent all colors in the light spectrum… red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (including collective white), and many colors in between. Flowers range from only 2 ″ in diameter to some blooms measuring 12 ″ or more. Their leaves usually float unless they are crowded, and are more or less rounded, ranging from 2″ to 6 feet for the giant Victoria. Water Lilies are perennials and can be divided into 2 basic groups; Hardy and tropical.

Water Lilies

6. Lotus

The lotus is the most mysterious of all deep water plants that like to grow in your garden pond. It has an iconic shape, with some of the most delicate and bright colors and the core pod in the middle. The range of colors is huge, and the leaves are beautiful, round and over the water. Lotus is truly a real classic. Some come from Asia, such as the Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) but Nelumbo lutea is from the Caribbean and North America. Lotus will bring peace, tranquility and a touch of oriental beauty and philosophy to your pond of water.


7. Broadleaf Arrowhead

Broadleaf arrowhead is a perennial aquatic plant. It comes with distinctive, broad arrowhead-shaped leaves. It has attractive white flowers that come in a curved arrangement. Broadleaf arrowhead plant is commonly found in shallow water, streams and swamps. Broadleaf arrowhead is also known as duck-potato. The aquatic plant grows to a height of 2-4 feet on the surface of the water. It usually blooms between July and September. Male and female flowers are found on the same stem. Male flowers have a group of attractive yellow stamens at their center which are absent in female flowers.

Broadleaf Arrowhead

8. Water Poppy

Described as one of nature's most beautiful floating plants, the water poppy is actually a beautiful and exotic aquatic flower. Water poppy is characterized by beautiful lime-yellow flowers with dark green, heart-shaped leaves and reddish-brown centers. Water poppy has its own eye-catching visual appeal that is enough to capture the attention of any flower lover. It can be a perfect addition to your home water garden. It requires full sunlight and prefers shallow ponds with calm water. It has cup-shaped flowers that bloom between June and August. Its flowers are short-lived, usually lasting only a day. However, they bloom repeatedly throughout the summer.

Water Poppy

9. Horsetail

Bamboo-like horsetail is a popular pond plant due to its bamboo-like appearance, easy care and quick growth. If you're looking for a swamp species that can withstand some cold (and will still be green during the winter months) horsetail is your choice.


10. Creeping Jenny

Often used as ground cover in Creeping Jenny , it fares excellently when used in water gardening applications. Growing to a height of about 2 inches, it is a great filler with its shiny leaves to soften the edges of the rocks which creates a vivid contrast against the cool gray color of the wet stone. Small yellow flowers appear on the plant throughout the summer, giving it extra charm.

Creeping Jenny

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