13 Extremely Useful Gifts for a New Mother

Ask any new mom, and they'll tell you that being a mother is a very fulfilling experience in all. After the birth of their baby, they feel magical; they feel like a creator of that epitome of innocence, and whatnot. But soon after they finish complimenting their own creation, you will see a hint of dullness in their behaviour. If you ask them the reason, well isn't it evident that the period of nine months of vomits and cramps and all have taken away all their lustre? Yes, pregnancy might be one of the finest phases of a woman's life, but during this time her body goes through a lot of changes within, that leads to dehydrated skin, immense hair fall, dull skin, swollen legs, and more.

Pregnancy is a boon, but a boon that is not easy to maintain. And now someone has experienced this boon in her life, how about reminding her to take care of herself? Let us explore some useful gifts for mom who is entirely new to this designation, in her life. Also, the list below is a mix of everything possible as a gift for a new mommy.

13 Extremely Useful Gifts for a New Mother

1. Supply of Dry Fruits

After the birth of the child, the mother's body takes time to heal and to gather back all that has gone in the formation of the foetus. That is why dry fruits are the best thing that helps a mother to be strong and feed the kid, some healthy milk.

Supply of Dry Fruits

2. Subscription of Baby Food

Nothing can be more helpful than this gift for a new mom. Help her with a yearly subscription of baby food by any renowned company. Go for presenting this as one of the Mother's Day gifts.

Subscription of Baby Food

3. Facial Oils

To fight back with that dull skin, all a new mommy needs is good food, hydrated body, enough sleep, and some relaxing face oils.

Facial Oils

4. Cradle or Bassinet

Let the lady sleep in full in ease without the fear of hurting her child. Gift her a Cradle with a net or a Bassinet.

Cradle or Bassinet

5. Baby Care Product

The newborn also deserves some love and nourishment, so helping the mother with a gift that makes her kid's growth more promising.

Baby Care Product

6. Massage Chair

Another promising present for both - a to-be-mother or a new mother is this. The chair will help her body to relax, which was all trodden after taking care of the kid.

Massage Chair

7. A Makeup Vanity

Makeup has always been a girl's best friend. Now that she is a mother, she does feel beautiful but to polish that beauty a bit more, present a makeup vanity full of her favourite makeup.

Makeup Vanity

8. A Recipe Book

Both pre and post-pregnancy makes any mother yearn for one dish to another. And now that she has a baby to take care off, she can cook her favorite meal. Present her with a cookbook that has healthy and enticing recipes.

Recipe Book

9. Pregnancy Album

Now the name might look very normal to you, but what goes in this album will be incredible. If you are someone close to her, you might have pics of her during her pregnancy time, collect them all and arrange them in one album with some cute captions.

Pregnancy Album

10. Wall of Happiness

It is said that keeping an expected mother happy makes the child happy so that this present would be perfect for a mom-to-be. Get that first ultrasound framed with a loving quote under it and put it on the wall, opposite to her bed. See her waking up to her future baby.

Wall of Happiness

11. Delicate Jewellery

Handling a kid needs a lot of precautions a that is why no new mom wears fancy jewellery. Praise her motherhood over a tiny-miny pendant set that might read the birthday date of the baby, or simply 'MOM' on it.

Delicate Jewellery

12. Hobby Subscription

Every person has a hobby, and like anyone, a newly made mommy will have. Help her relive her hobby with a subscription of either art supplies or clay modelling supplies so that she can take care of herself as well.

 Hobby Subscription

13. Good Book

Though the mother of a newborn might have already researched baby-care stuff, why not help her with yet another baby-care book and help her boost her morale? If not, then go for any novel, that she would cherish while taking care of her kid

Good Book

So yes, these were some out of many gifts that can be presented to a new mother. Believe us when we say there is another huge list of unique and useful gifts for a new mother. But for now, we end our list here. Also, apart from the above essentials and mundane things we listed, what she needs at this time is your love and caress, the same way she gives to her infant.