7 Fast Growing Trees in India

Why are fast growing trees popular these days? Well, the most common reason is that the owner of the trees will have the opportunity to get the benefits from the tree sooner. Most of us think about the benefits while planting the tree. So, it’s natural to expect faster results from the trees that we plant. But what are the fast growing trees in India? Scroll down a bit, and you will find it out.

Fast Growing Trees in India

1. Sagwan Tree

Goes by the name Teak, it additionally holds therapeutic worth. The bark is unpleasant tonic and is viewed as helpful in fever. It is likewise helpful in cerebral pain and stomach issues. Teak wood or bark can also enhance the process of digestion. It is one of the easy to maintain and quick growing trees.

Sagwan Tree

2. Nimboo

Indian Elm or Dhauranjo is a huge deciduous tree, growing up to 18 m tall. It has dark-hued bark, stripping in quirky scales on old trees. It has, on the other hand, organized leaves with elliptic-oval shape, 3-6 cm wide and 8-14 cm long, smooth, with edges whole, and a sharp tip.


3. Ber

In India, ber leaves are assembled to bolster Tasar silkworms; Tasar silk, profoundly prized, is the leading silk financially exploited in the tropics. Ziziphus Mauritiana produces great charcoal and fantastic firewood. It can be evergreen depending upon the weather and is one of the fast growing fruit trees in India.


4. Babool

Babool is a tree 5-20 metre high, that prefers growing in sandy or sterile areas, with the atmosphere dry during most of the year. The crown is somewhat levelled or adjusted, with moderate thickness. The branches tend to hang downwards if the crown is roundish. It is a medicinal tree and is used in many products.


5. Neem

Neem is probably the most helpful conventional medicinal plant in India. Each piece of the neem tree has some therapeutic property and is accordingly famous commercially. It has, for a long time, been a companion and defender of the Indian resident. This tree is found in almost every residential area in India and is very easy to grow and maintain.


6. Amrood/Jamphal

Psidium guajava Linn is a little semi-deciduous tropical tree generally known as Amrood or guava in North India. It is usually developed all through India for its delicious sweet fruits. You can find this plant in the backyards. Also, it is one of the best fast growing shade trees in India for warm climate gardens.


7. Mahua

Mahua is a tropical deciduous quickly developing tree that grows to 20 meters in height and has semi-evergreen foliage. It is developed in warm and humid places for its oleaginous seeds, blossoms and wood. The tree develops on a wide assortment of soils however flourishes best on sandy soil.


That’s our list of top 7 fast-growing trees in India. If you are also planning to plant and grow a tree, then you can buy online plants from FlowerAura.