5 Fast Growing Vegetables in Summer

Among all the trends that have gained popularity over the past few months, the concept of nurturing a kitchen garden seems to top the list. Every gardener at the soul would have always wanted to grow some fruits and veggies in their backyard. Their hard work and efforts put into nurturing them would have surely spoken for itself when those products were brought to the kitchen and finally relished. Summers are one such perfect season to grow most of the outdoor plants online. Talking about the outdoor plants, we have to speak about some summer fruits and vegetables. And vegetables and fruits are two such things which become easier to care for during the summer season. One can easily know from their local gardener or some authentic online sources which plants to grow in summer and how to take care of them. To help you identify some fast growing vegetables in summer, we have prepared a list of the same. If you love to take up gardening in your leisure time, then try to nurture these veggies in your lawn, backyard. As summers are here, it will be a nice, fulfilling gardening experience for you. And needless to say, it will be a nice way of getting our hands dirtied. So let’s get started to know what these fast growing vegetables are in summer.

5 Fast Growing Vegetables in Summer

1. Tomato

Red is a lovely sight of color for vegetables and suits the colors of summer as well. Tomatoes commonly grow from their seedlings that can be easily planted into the garden soil. These plants love clear sky and sunshine in abundance. The accurate spacing between two or more tomato plants should be 45-60 cm between plants and approximately 60-75 cm between rows. The harvesting period would take up somewhat 80-100 days, which is quite less as compared to other veggies.


2. Chilli

If you are a spicy food lover, then this is a must-have vegetable plant for you. Yes, we are talking about the chili plant. It is said the closer one grows their chilly plant during the month of summers, the spicier it turns out to be. Though being a fast growing summer vegetable plant, the chilly plant requires care as they are prone to diseases. The seed from a chilly can be transplanted into the garden soil to nurture a chilli plant. Its harvesting period ranges from 2- 2.5 months, whereas every plant should be provided with a proper space of 30-45 cms.


3. Brinjal

Brinjal or eggplant is advisable to be grown during the summer months as they are frost intolerant plants. To safeguards one’s child from measles during summer, consumption of brinjal has been emphasized quite a lot. There are different varieties of eggplant which differ in shape, size, and colors, that can be grown. Brinjal plants can be harvested after a period of 3-4 months and proper spacing of 30-45 cm between plants and 60 cm between rows is much needed.


4. Cucumber

One of the widely grown summer vegetable plants is sure to include cucumbers in its list. Cucumbers can be grown in round pits at convenient locations to let them climb off house roofs, pergolas, or bowers. Just like any other plant, cucumber seeds can be too sown into the ground. While planting the cucumber plants, make sure to leave 3 x 3 ft between plants and rows. If grown properly, the plant is sure to start bearing fruits after 2-3 months for about 4-5 weeks.


5. Pumpkin

Pumpkin belongs to the gourd family of plants which goes by the name “cucurbit vegetable”. They tend to grow really nice during the summer seasons. Their size may vary from 5 kg to 40 kg. Because of the enormous size of the plant’s fruit, it grows like a creeper plant on the ground. To grow a pumpkin plant, sow the seeds directly in pits of 2 x 2 ft and 6 ft apart. One can harvest this plant after 3-4 months for 8-10 weeks.


So these were some of the fast growing vegetables in summer. Are we ready to dig into the world of kitchen gardening?

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