Fathers Day Fun Activity Ideas for Kids

The father figure of life is the person that mentors us through the way, leaving past all hurdles and accomplishing everything for the family. Since ancient times it has always been the males of the family that make such a powerful orientation and help the family grow enormously. Times may have changed now but the place of a father in a child's mind and heart will forever be the same, powerful and loving. And to celebrate the beauty of this relationship we have with our charismatic fathers, the beginning of fathers day came into the picture.

 Fathers day fun activity ideas for kids

He has been through innumerable troubles in his life to be where he is, and all he deserves now is some fun and games. And to save you from the trouble of thinking it all through we have some ideas for fathers day gifts like a watch, perfume, a laptop bag, a customised mug, a set of wine glasses, plants and pots, flowers, fondant cakes and many other things. And not just this we also have a list of fun things to do on fathers day that will make the day better than you thought it would be.

If you want to come on top of the list of the best son or daughter, fathers day is the perfect opportunity and fathers day fun activities are the perfect means.

• Adventure park

Going to an adventure park is a fairly good idea considering if you and your father's interests match. Activities like tubewell bathing, gun shooting, making pots or being outdoors will bring you closer too.

 Fathers day celebration at Adventure park

• Midnight surprise party

No fathers day activity can be complete without a midnight surprise party. Pop open a bottle of champagne, order a father’s day cake, get some flowers, layout potpourri, make a nice room with fragrance and love.

• Game night

The game night begins with a load of laughter and ends with a sense of competition which is the greatest thing about it. Easy games like tombola and games with higher stakes like cards are all welcome.

 Fathers day Game night fun celebration

• Pool, billiard and poker

Invite all friends of your father and begin the fathers day game with the top-notch idea of playing pool or poker with juice and drinks by the side. You can book a place or make it in-house, either way, it's fun.

• Crazy shopping

Your father probably doesn't even remember to shop for himself for necessities, although he does take you no matter what. Return the goodwill and take him shopping, strictly for him.

• Trampoline jumping

No matter the age, jumping on the trampoline always makes you feel happy and funny, releases good hormones in your body and helps you live a happier day. Set one in the backyard or take all the invited ones.

• Shooting

Shooting guns isn't child's play but dads can handle it pretty well especially when it has been a want since forever. Get him to a rented place and take a few shots yourself.

 Shooting guns

• Quiz and contest

Play quizzes and contests with everyone in the house, invite all your family members and have a fun night. Start with tombola, musical chairs, cards, drawing and painting too.

• In-house bar

Going out and having drinks is fun on any other day but the day you are celebrating fathers it has to be in-house. Set up a bar, bring snacks and play light music while you have heartwarming conversations.

• Flower show

A flower show might now be everyone's cup of tea but it will be once you get the gist of just how fun it is. Book tickets, wake up early in the morning and bring a few pots home.

 Flower show

• Mini trip

A mini trip to a place near your house to the mountains or the rivers via a long drive is a fabulous idea for fathers day activities. You can count on as many people as you like.

• Inhouse gym

Everyone including our fathers wants to stay fit but it is almost impossible with the busy working environment. Bring a few necessary types of equipment home and bring him to practice to exercise daily and you can even do it together.