9 Personalized Name Gifts Ideas

Your wife, husband, sister, brother, boyfriend, or girlfriend’s special day is extra special for you. Weeks and months before, you start preparing for the big day, planning for the surprise party, sending invites to friends and family, and taking care of other important details. You can browse through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiring surprise party ideas, decor ideas. When it comes to choosing a gift for them, you can find yourself confused. So, here we are with a list of personalised name gifts for them—no need to surf the web endlessly and then scratch the heads of what to buy. Patiently read, and you shall get your answer.

Personalized Name Gifts Ideas

1) Watch

Watch is one statement accessory that everyone swear by, your recipient is no different. A classic watch will aggrandize both their formal and casual look. To make it a surprise, you can personalise the box with the name or text “After All this while, you look young and beautiful.” or “After All this while, I still fall in love with you.”

Personalised Watch

2) Mood Cards:

Not always your husband/boyfriend is in a good mood. Sometimes he is sad, stressed, mad at you. Mood cards are printable funny cards with adorable doodles and quirky suggestions like “ When you miss me : You have to pick up the phone, do a call or video call and not sulk in private. Likewise, you can make your versions for every mood and personalise with your partner’s name. Write some flirty lines to spruce up your mood and day.

Personalised Mood Cards

3) Date Frame:

Men are bad at remembering dates. In all likelihood, your husband/boyfriend is bad too. A fun way to remind him of all the important dates of your relationship and reminiscence of all the beautiful moments that have culminated into this day is to gift a date frame. You can add dates of your first date, proposal, kiss, when you decided to make it official followed by your name s. It’s an anniversary special gift.

Personalised Date Frame

4) Personalised Innerwear:

Surprise gift for a lover or spouse to be something kinky to set the mood right. His/Her birthday or anniversary is one such day when you get the opportunity to take the upper hand and clean bowl him/her with your gestures. A boxer personalised with a note like “ Property of xyz,” will do the firework magic.

Personalised Innerwear

5) House Plate:

If you are moving into a dream house with your partner or have someone in your list who is throwing a housewarming party, a personalised name plate is the ideal gift. Variety of name plates are readily available and you can personalize it with either initials, pictures, and name of course. Go with the first or last, that’s your choice.

Personalised House Name Plate

6) Cosmetics:

One thing that probably no woman can’t deny is cosmetics. A subtle way to put across that you care for her is to gift cosmetics. As per her skin type and preference, choose products for her. Go for a well-known brand. With each product, you can leave a note like “ I like to kiss your lips, keep it soft and supple” with a lip balm, then you are beautiful, take good care of it.” You can make a combo of grooming products as well. You can personalise the pouch with her name, pack all the stuff and gift.

Personalised Cosmetics Pouch

7) Love and Locks:

Make your man jump with excitement and curiosity. Take his interest to the next level with this unique gift. A set of seven boxes personalised his name with gifts inside. Each box will have a gift to remember like chocolates, polaroid photo magnets, a personalised token, redeemable coupons, and much more. All the seven boxes are locked with locks having 3-digit code. Your husband will get seven calls who will reveal the code.

Personalised Gift Box

8) Dirty and Spicy Games:

You crave for an ooh, lala moment with your partner. Well, you can have it everyday with this gift. A set of dirty and spicy games likes truth and dare, scrabble, combo of cards to surprise your partner pleasantly. You can personalize the game with your name or initials as well.

Personalised Games

9) Personalised Gift Mail:

Remember your mother told you she used to send mail to your dad during their courtship period? Inspiring and loveable? Implement the same for your dearest one’s birthday or any special day with a twist. Send a series of personalised gifts all throughout the month.

Personalised Gift Mail

Leave your dearest one amazed and speechless with these personalised gift ideas. Celebrations will be something different and beyond for them this time.