February Birth Flower, Iris- Meaning & Significance

For all the folks born in the month of February, there’s a special flower for the birthday month, also symbolic of the Greek Goddess of Love, Iris.

Iris, the February birthday flower is one of the most loved garden flowers throughout the globe with around 300 species. But all species of Iris have similar characteristics, that is, 6 petals: 3 standards (the ones which stand up straight and are in middle of the flower) and 3 falls (the outermost petals that grow out horizontally with tips that fall gracefully backwards).

Irises are divided into two groups; bearded Iris and beardless Iris. The bearded Iris have fuzzy falls where as the beardless irises do not have the fuzzy appearance.

February Birthday Flower Iris, Meaning and Significance History Of Iris Flower

The origin of Iris flower can be traced back to Greek mythology. In Greek language, Iris means rainbow, presumably because of a variety of colours they come in. The Greeks planted purple Iris on the graves of dead women hoping to entice Goddess Iris to lead their loved ones to the journey of heaven.

Often, the Egyptian art demonstrates Irises in the Egyptian palaces. Also, French history states that in 1147, Louis VII took purple iris as his emblem and subsequently it became a symbol very strongly tied to the kings of France. Irises have also been cultivated in Italy in the 19th century. Three years after they were planted, they were harvested, skinned and dried and became a major part of the perfume industry.

Iris Colour & Symbolism

Iris come in a vast variety of colours and the meanings of Iris flower differ accordingly. However, the general meaning of the flower are faith, royalty, hope, valour and wisdom. Precisely, different colours have different meanings as follows:

  • Purple Iris symbolize royalty and wisdom
  • Blue Iris symbolizes faith and hope
  • White Iris symbolizes purity
  • Yellow Iris symbolizes passion.

Therefore, Iris could be gifted to every special person in your life. Purple Iris could be gifted to a parent or mentor, yellow Iris to the significant other and blue Iris to someone who needs encouragement.

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Interesting Facts About Iris Flower
  • Iris is the state flower of Tennessee, February birth flower and also, 25th wedding anniversary flower.
  • Most of the Iris varieties bloom in early summer.
  • Van Gogh, the famous Dutch artist was so inspired by Iris that he created two of his most notable paintings Irises to capture the unique twisting and curving lines of the flower.
  • Iris Flower has remedial powers as antiseptic and anti-flammatory in nature.
  • Iris is traditionally used to honour Virgin Mary due to plant’s sword like leaves. It mimics the sorrow that pierced Mary’s heart as she watched her son Jesus suffer and die.
  • Iris or Tze Hu-tieh is known as the “Purple Butterfly” as it reminds Chinese people of the butterfly flapping its wings gently in the wind.