7 Absolute Don’ts On Valentines Day That Are A Sin To Ignore

Well lovebirds, Valentine’s is right around the corner. Cupid is already putting on his cute war paint and sharpening up his arrow of love. No matter how deep your love is, things can become really topsy-turvy and the entire plan of your Valentine's Day can go just go kaput if you don't pay enough attention to minute details such as likes, dislikes and the preferences of the one you plan to spend this Valentine’s with. So before you make all the love-filled mushy plans and finalize your Valentine's day goals, make sure you take proper care of all the important things that would please both of you on this special day of celebrating love.

When it comes to celebrating Valentine's day with someone you wish to impress, there are several things that you should avoid on Valentine’s Day. Presenting 7 absolute Don’ts for Valentine’s Day to help you save the day.

1. Don’t Give Out A Wrong Signal

If you are good at hiding your emotions, it may be risky for your relationship as they may think that you have no interest in her. So, gulp down emotion potion and be a little expressive during Valentine's day date.

2. Don't Ask For A Strong Commitment All of A Sudden

Well, it may seem a romantic and serious step but Valentine's day is just not the perfect day for it. Take proper time and patience to understand what your partner thinks about taking the relationship to the next level

3. Don’t Use Phone

For God’s sake, avoid using your phone on your Valentine’s date because your partner deserves an undivided attention. No matter how important your phone is, you have to realize your partner should be your number one priority on this day.

4. Overdoing PDA- No...No

You need to avoid expressing too much of mushy love because it may make her feel a little awkward or uncomfortable. The main objective of this special occasion is to make each other happy, not awkward.

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5. Don’t Buy Odd Gifts

Make sure you buy personalized gifts for your partner. For instance, gifting a spa voucher shall eat a lot of time during the day. Gifting kitchen appliances or furnishing decors shall not seem thoughtful and love-filled.

6. Don’t Overspend

Spending too much on a single day is a bad idea. Know that a low account balance would affect other days too. So, don’t go overboard with the celebration.

7. Don’t Keep Your Expectations High

While you wish to enjoy the day to the fullest with your partner and wish to be pampered, don’t expect huge romantic gestures as your partner might have a different notion of celebration.