9 Romantic Kissing Tips To Keep Your Relationship Passionate & Fiery

Scientifically proven, a good kiss is like a drug. With 5 cranial nerves in action during an awesome kiss, the brain too plays a role to assemble every vital detail about the other person, provide you the sync and make you feel high and rejuvenated.

But as you may know, not every kisser gives you an experience so good that you are left awed and craving. A good kisser knows how to kiss well enough, whether it’s just brushing of the cheeks or a lip to lip kiss and there are certain foolproof ways to kiss that you must know too.

Romantic Kissing Tips

Presenting 9 secrets and tips of kissing that would help you connect, communicate and make your partner yearn for you every other moment. Take the guide:

1. Kiss Is More Than Just Lips Doing The Business

The best kiss doesn’t happen with just lips coming together. A good kisser uses hands to cup the partner’s face or run it down the spine to make the session unforgettable.

2. Set The Stage

Well, less is more! So, a good kisser begins gently before sinking into a passionate kiss. One needs to play cool and set the stage. Sensuous talks, dim lights and it’s all sorted.

Set The Stage

3. Keep Calm & Balm

A super pillowy feel comes with a good balm. And never in the history have best kisses ever happened with a dry, flaky mess. Since, not everytime shall your lips be kissably soft, keep the lip balm handy!.

4. Know The Rhythm

Keep your head moving like a continuous slow, wave. Follow each other's lead and find a flow that works for both of you so that you're both on the same page.

Know The Rhythm

5. Mind Your Tongue

Since, there are different ways of kissing, you need to be sure about the next move. Your tongue need not always be in action and when it is, keep it in moderation without using it for a facial wash.

6. Pack It With Surprises

Understand your partner’s kissing style and keep them on the toes by trying different kissing techniques in one go. Go with the flow but make sure you do not be very predictable (read: boring) in your act.

Pack It With Surprises

7. Be Multifacted

There are different types of kisses. Whether it’s a hot kiss or a I-care-for-you kiss, each one has a story. Make sure you tell your story right following a certain momentum and give your feelings a beautiful outlet.

8. Moan

Do not shy away from letting out those little squeaks of satisfaction. They will act as a great turn on and help your partner give more into the moment.

9. Compliment Your Partner

Give a positive feedback so that your partner feels good after the kiss. And the better your partner feels about it, the more they will look forward to kissing you. Complimenting and comforting your partner after a passionate kiss is a heartfelt gesture. This is one of the most romantic valentine gifts ever that can tickle the heart of your lover.

 Compliment Your Partner

Happy Kissing, folks!