Dream Catcher- More Than Just A Hanging Beauty

There are lots of mysteries and fascinations that surround the Dream Catcher and unfortunately, a lot of misconceptions as well. Respect and real appreciation always comes with the proper understanding and that is why, it is indispensable to understand the true meaning of Dream Catchers. Well, there’s more to Dream Catchers than being just a hanging beauty. Know about the origin of Dream Catcher, concept that has evolved with time and the real purpose they have.

Dream Catcher

The Concept Of Dream Catcher

The web of life connects all of us and everyone is affected to a degree or other by two things- the energies that surround us and the wavelength of people we meet. Some of us are more susceptible to those thought forms just as some people who are more adaptable to "Negativity" than others. Usually, those people become more vulnerable at night when their guards are off and that results in unpleasant dreams that make one feel terribly uncomfortable throughout the night. For those people, there's a perfect "medicine" that really helps to get rid of the vulnerable stage and the medicine is nothing but the Dream Catcher!

Know About The Fascinating Story Behind Dream Catcher

Red Indians got to know the proper technique of how to make a dream catcher from the venerable spider. The traditional and the most authentic dream catchers are made from the wood which is picked near any water body on a full moon night, Spring season being the ideal time for the same. The willow is bent into a circle and a sinew is used to form the web. A genuine dream catcher always comes with the thirteen points. Curious to know the reason behind it? Well, it is done in honour of 13 moons of the Indian calendar. The Dream Catcher is tied only at night because ritual processes and prayers are performed during the time of tying.

 Fascinating Story Behind Dream Catcher

Why The Night Time?

Well, night is the time when veil between spirit world and humans is at its lightest form and dream catcher strongly works at night as it is imbued with the spirit of the night realm and its helpers.

The prayer performed while tying the dream catcher is really powerful and it should be only made by the people with proper knowledge and skills.

The Process of Placing A Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is hung or placed at the head of the sleeping person and according to the traditional belief, the use of dream catcher is to catch all the negative thoughts, energies and dreams and it allows only positive energies and thoughts to flow in. In the morning, the light of the sun subsequently eliminates all the dark energies of the dream catcher.

Placing of the Dream Catcher

These days Dream Catchers are not only used for driving away all the negative dreams and forces, but they are greatly used for room decoration purpose also. A well designed, fancy dream catcher can add a great sense of sophistication and beauty to your room and at the same time, it brings a positive environment in the bedroom.