New Age Excuses That You Need to Know for An Early Leave

Ohh come on, do not say you have never lied to sneak out from the office for a party or maybe for a weekend trip! We all have and we would always do the same in the future because no matter what, but the excitement of going for a party or on a trip is something keeps up all so excited that we feel to not work and just prepare for the same. In case, you are also planning to sneak out this weekend for a party and looking for a perfect excuse, then hello… We are here to help you.

New Age Excuses to Leave Work Early

Below, we have mentioned a few believable excuses to leave work early that you can use next time.

1. Emergency at Home

Well, the best one that is hardly doubtable and is something very convincing. If you have used this trick before, then kudos to you and you know how easy it is to convince someone with this trick. No one would say NO to you.

Emergency at Home Excuse

2. Guests Arriving Early

Okay! So this one is relatable to your boss as well. He/She would definitely understand your situation and would definitely cooperate with you but just remember that your tone needs to sound strong and convincing and also, a foolproof excuse of leaving work early for that date night of yours.

Guests Arriving Early Excuse

3. Urgent Parcel Delivery

Well, this is a new one but also one of the excuses that are limited and can be used with certain terms and conditions. Tell your boss you have an urgent electronics delivery that is available in-office hours only. Fingers Crossed! If this works as smoothly as we are thinking. In case it does, it would be the most interesting excuse ever given for taking off work or weekend trip. Also, in the excitement do not forget to pick up the Personalised Gifts that you have ordered for your friend, with whom have planned this getaway.

Urgent Parcel Delivery Excuse

4. Doctor’s Appointment

We doubt that this bow would miss its target as doctor’s appointments are crucial and almost no one can deny you an early leave on this excuse. But remember, to use it to limit so that your boss does not end you up in the hospital, for real.

Doctor’s Appointment Excuse

5. Special Day

We all have our anniversaries and we love to celebrate them. So why not use this extremely easy and always a turn ON excuse to begin your trip a bit earlier than it was planned to. Go try this out and share your experience with us because the excitement of a trip would be already visible on your face but naming it the excitement of a date with your parents on their anniversary would surely work. Again it would be the foolproof excuse of leaving work early.

These are a few of the new-age excuses that you can use while you are looking forward to sneaking out of your office for a party. Apart from that, there are times that we do not feel like working and we are exhausted or stressed because of some health or maybe other personal reasons. If you want to take off or an early leave in such a situation then make sure you never tell you actual mental health and use it as a reason to leave early. It would be the worst excuse to leave work early as it may imply that the workspace you are working in is damaging your mental health. So make sure you always use your excuses wisely and that whenever you use it you sound convincing enough.

Apart from that taking a decent off wouldn't that be tough if you are on good terms with your boss? A dedicated employee is given what he/she deserves (in some companies). So, if you are one such employee than you can ask for early leave or half-day on an urgent basis. If it is overlooked by your boss then you know what you have to do next time.