Playful Things Siblings do while Celebrating Rakhi

Year by year, when we are close to any special occasion or any festival, nostalgia runs over our mind reminding us about those golden days of childhood when we used to run across the house, either decorating it or buying stuff from the market. Those memories are never going to vanish from our sight, in fact, remembering them all over again is something very calming, that your soul feels.

Playful Things Siblings do while Celebrating Rakhi

Now, Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and every one of us who are away from home is excited for a long weekend whereas some are simply worried about the fact that if their rakhi would be delivered on time or not. Many of us have already planned to surprise our siblings and many of us are still fighting with our boss to give us an extra off to make the festival joy, last longer.

Sister Reaches to Her Brothers Home

Come cherish with us the rakhi memories that you have spent living your life with-

1. House in a Mess

Remember the very first step of getting ready for the festivals? Well no? No worries, we’ll help you recognize them back. Remember every festival called for a home clean up? And how while cleaning up your room, you would rather go back to the memoirs that you find while cleaning up the mess. And how your brother used to take away your favorite sketch pens as soon as he finds them on your room floor.

Sweets in Making

The same brother of yours now sends you online cakes and bouquet on your birthdays.

2. Sweets in Making

Rather memories in making. Remember when you were all amazed to see that delicious sweet delicacy being made at your home by your super mom. Those were the days when both you and your brother would run behind your mother and behave all disciplined and mannered so that as soon as the sweets are ready, you are the first person to taste it. And not forgetting that leftover stuffing of some sweets that both you and your brother fought to have. Those were the days when you both fight with each other and now is the time when you fight with your boss to get off on festivals just to relive those moments.

The Excitement of the Festival Day

Nevertheless, in case you do not get a yes for your off, you know that online rakhi options are available in abundance. Check for the best rakhi collection at Floweraura’s official website and grab some great deals and rakhi gifts for brother.

3. The Excitement of the Festival Day

After all the hard work that you thought you did in making the festivals go well in childhood, it is always more like a reveal day for the guest that comes at your place to meet and greet. Those happy and giggling faces of your childhood days were more than a gift for you by you.

Siblings Decorate the House

Who can forget that when your uncle praised your sister's involvement in decorating the house and you were left behind? That very moment was a moment of a rebel for you and you start telling about your efforts to the guest. How many grown-ups are you now, that you send Return gift for your sister without a miss.

All these nostalgic memories are what these festivals all about. Year by year we live them and relive them but never stop living them when we are with our most annoying, irritating but at the same time lovely and caring siblings. Come, this yar too appreciate them for their hard work that they have done on you to make you what you are today.

Celebrate Rakhi with Personalised Gifts

Siblings would always be our first and last friend no matter we live miles apart from each other. We always plan something special for our siblings on the occasion of Rakhi. How can anyone forget the surprises that we used to get by our siblings? Remember that moment when you have tied the rakhi, the one you wanted and then in return you gave gifts to your sisters that they demanded. Those nostalgic moments would never leave our veins.

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Brother Gives Return Gift to His Sister

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