Do you Know Few Plants Can Grow without Soil?

While garden lovers may love the earthy scent of soil and especially when the rain strikes the fresh green leaves of the plant growing in that soil. The smell becomes so tempting! The garden lovers may get a mini heart attack knowing that there are some plants who can actually grow without soil. So people don’t have to soak their fingers in the soil anymore and grow some of their favourite plants in water and clay pebbles without any need of soil. Indoor plants and succulents can be grown without soil but you’ll be amazed to know that there are some outdoor plants as well that need absolutely no soil to grow. They just need a glass of water full of nutrients to properly shoot up and give all those delicious fruits and beautiful to watch flowers.

Plants that Grows Without Soil

Here are examples of plants that can grow perfectly healthy without any type of soil and set your gardening passion to the next level.

1. Orchids

One of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Known for its spellbind fragrance and as the top choice for weddings and important function celebrations. You’ll be glad to know that this flower can grow without soil. Most of the tropical orchids are epiphytes, which means they grow on other plants than the actual soil. But they aren’t parasitic in nature. They cling to trees rather than growing in soil. If you prefer to grow them without a medium you can do it, but choose the Moth Orchid. They are commonly available and easiest to grow orchid genera. It is the best pick for a beginner learning to grow orchids.


2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Widely known as the plant meant to bring good fortune. This plant is one of the best gifts to give to your loved ones. Safe to say this plant is the most low maintenance plant on this earth. It can easily grow in water without the help of any soil and is mostly kept in houses as a showpiece in a glass jar where you can save a little amount of water and can change the water once in 8-10 days. To make the glass jar more appealing you can add stones and orbeez balls to it.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

3. Philodendron

One of the most common houseplants, this is a heart-shaped leaf looking plant. Known for its unquote shape of leaves this is one of the best plants to be kept at home. This is a really low maintenance human-friendly plant that can tolerate both dim and bright light. You can place this plant in a hanging pot or can keep it on the work table to make it more appealing. It generally needs only a glass of water to flourish and this plant can easily grow without any soil. Submerge the cutting in a glass or jar of water, and wait about 10 days until you see roots forming at those leaf nodes.


4. Aloe Vera

You’ll be surprised to know Aloe Vera is an indoor plant that grows without soil, and it can often be used for many kinds of purposes be it medicinal or skin related. This is a really cool indoor plant that needs to be watered frequently in order to grow completely with a little amount of dried up soil. Aloe Vera does best when grown with small, sand-like pebbles, a little water, full sunlight, and partial shade.

Aloe Vera

5. Paperwhite Narcissuses

This is a pretty indoor plant to be kept in the house to elevate the home decor of your house. These plants require indirect sunlight and can be kept near a window or a door panel that gets occasional sunlight. These bulb plants can grow without soil and can only require a glass container, rocks, and water to grow. When the flowers on a paperwhite narcissus bloom, they are usually a beautiful, brilliant white color. They are also great decoration flowers to grace any of our special occasions.

Paperwhite Narcissuses

These plants are great options for those looking to try and grow plants without soil. These indoor plants are not only pretty to look at but also provides a source of great health benefits to the people living in the house. Some of them act as succulents and are anti-radiation plants that help in absorbing harmful radiation from computers and laptops. All these plants are sure to give you an all new experience of gardening without soil. But remember these indoor plants that grow without soil are extremely delicate and require some type of fertilizers like a spray-on fertilizer from time to time to grow healthy. They also need to be watered at regular intervals to maintain a good aura but don’t overwater them as it may ruin it’s roots.