Did You Know The Effect of Herbs on Expecting Mothers?

Hey, Mommies-to-be! Every day you undertake a voyage of emotional rush, physical and psychological changes. And, you take this journey of physical, mental, and emotional transformation with a beaming smile because of the little life developing inside you. You all are superwomen! However, a little self-care will be of no harm. By incorporating herbs in your daily regimen, you can support yourself emotionally, psychologically, and physically better on the road of motherhood. Nature is a beautiful healer. Herbal plants are one of the wondrous creations of nature. Herbs for pregnancy represent to would-be-mothers a natural and healing way to combat discomfort during pregnancy.

Effects of Herbs on Expecting Mothers

Here we list some of our favourite natural herbs for pregnancy that are nourishing and supportive. However, bear in mind that not all herbs are appropriate for all expecting mothers. Make sure to consult the doctor or herbalist, which is the right one for you.

1. Nettle

In the world of herbs, nettle is the mother of spring tonics. Known for its ability to support the whole body and promotes a healthy pregnancy. Boil fresh and green nettle leaves in a pan, strain the mixture, and add a few drops of honey, if you like. You can also garnish your tea with nettle leaf.


2. Ginger

The mighty ginger is a great antioxidant herb for pregnant women. Ginger is traditionally used for treating motion sickness, nausea, upset stomach. In its every form--ginger tea, ginger in food, ginger medicines it is effective.


3. Chamomile

The fragrant and antioxidant-loaded chamomile is one of the beneficial herbs for pregnancy and childbirth. It is best known to relax nervous tummy, treats occasional nausea, improves sleep quality. Tea is the most popular form in which chamomile herb is consumed. All the women embracing motherhood can start their mornings with a cup of chamomile tea.


4. Fenugreek

A powerhouse of impressive health benefits. Fenugreek seeds are rich in fibre, protein, carbs, fat, iron, manganese, and magnesium. Fenugreek supports a healthy supply of breast milk; therefore, it is recommendable for mothers who struggle to produce sufficient amount. Fenugreek tea or consumption of fenugreek seeds are two ways of reaping the health benefits of this herb.


5. Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry is a plant that bears sweet, nutritious berries. And, it’s leaves are loaded with nutrients. Raspberry leaves are avowed for their ability to tone the uterus and prepare the womb for childbirth. Additionally, it is an important herb used to support women’s reproductive health.

Raspberry Leaf

6. Milky Oats

We all are familiar with Oats. But, did you know about Milky Oats? Milky oats are the oat top harvested when they are in their milky stage-- the period where the oat tops release a white, milky sap. In women’s health, we cherish milky oats for its properties as a rejuvenator and protection against exhaustion, calming the stressful mind, promoting restful sleep. Milky oat in a tea form is gentler to consume.

Milky Oats

7. Fennel

Fennel seeds (saunf) is a well-known herb. Fennel seeds are highly useful in relieving symptoms of bloating, morning sickness, heartburn. And, this herb supports healthy lactation in nursing moms.


All these herbs have an incredibly rich history of usage and have been passed down to moms for generations. But, if you are an expecting mom, we recommend you to consult with your health practitioner before consuming these herbs in any form.