Inspirational Ideas To Find The Perfect Farewell Gifts For Colleagues

One of the most important phases in a person's life is the day when they retire from their office or bid farewell to their current company. This is the occasion that they always remember & so it needs to be celebrated well with farewell gifts for colleagues.


People who are retiring or changing their jobs should cherish those moments they had spent at the office for the last couple of years. They should be honored and praised for their contributions to the company and the achievements they have received so far. That’s why you need to come up with amazing farewell gift ideas for colleagues.

Gifts for celebrating

  • Celebrating a milestone or accomplishment? Make sure you will present a nice choice of personalized farewell gifts for a successful colleague. Giving gifts to your colleagues is one way of showing appreciation and gratitude towards that person in your office who has done a really great job. Shopping for a gift for colleague leaving work is actually quite easy. Just purchase something that honours their contributions and work ethics. Or, if you are close to them, you can also consider giving them a more personal gift.
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  • When shopping for business gifts for your colleagues, the first thing you will need to consider is creating a budget. Since it does not need to be very lavish, choose something that you can afford and something that will be tasteful in terms of a professional circle. You can pick out a simple corporate environment friendly gift such as coffee mugs and photo frames.
  • Shopping for a farewell gift for female colleague must be according to your recipient's likes, interests and personality. This is to make sure that you will be giving what she really wants to receive. Ask other colleagues about your recipient's likes if you want it to be a surprise gift, otherwise, ask your colleague directly if need be. Consider the recipient's favorite sports, pastimes, crafts or hobbies. More ideas means higher chance of giving the perfect gift successfully.
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  • Make it a personalised gift. After deciding which gift to give, make it a personalised one by including a personal touch. There are so many ideas for farewell gift for male colleague to choose from and most of them can be personalised with either names, initials and other details or inspiring quotations. Depending on your chosen gift item, you can include your recipient's embroidered or engraved name or initial on your gift. Then, you can have a one-liner quote be added onto that to make it even more special. Such a gift can include a customised leather laptop bag or even a home decor piece.
  • Choose among an array of office desk accessories. If you are planning to give a business gift to a colleague, consider desk accessories such as a desk clock, desk organizer, pen holder, paper weight, bookends and etc. Of course, make your chosen item personalise by including your recipient's name or initials in these gifts too.
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  • Another great idea when choosing farewell gifts is to consider something that can make your recipient look elegant and sophisticated. Gift ideas such as cufflinks, watches, money clips and business card holders are a few great items you can consider as a farewell gift for a colleague.

Browse online to see a wider selection of farewell gifts. There are so many online stores that offer different corporate gifts that can be used as farewell items. Most of these gifts can be personalised according to your taste. From personalised office desk accessories, potted plants to even office and stationery accessories, you are sure to find everything that can make a perfect farewell gift for your colleague.