Four Under a Roof Plants and Their Care Tips

Hey people fond of plants and nature, we have another surprise for you. It's a list of plants good for you to garden in your backyard or order indoor plant online but either ways have a blast of time sitting in your house not just around materialistic decor, but experiencing the real, peaceful home decor. To make your choice easier we have laid down Under a Roof plant care and tips that we help you decode and narrow down the perfect plants for you.

Four Under a Roof Plants and Their Care Tips

Find below worthy of your tie information about four very beautiful plants to have in the backyard:

- Croton Plant

- Cycas Revoluta Plant

- Dracena Fruticosa plant

- Dracena Mahatma 6 Inches

Plant Name






Croton Plant

Sunny location

60-70 degree fahrenheit

Evenly moist, gap between waterings

Early spring

A 3-4 inch stem with 3-5 leaves

Cycas Revoluta Plant

Bright, indirect sunlight 

65-75 degree fahrenheit

Water when soil appears dry

Liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks

Cut the side bud and plant it

Dracena Fruticosa plant

Indoor, indirect sunlight

62 degree fahrenheit and more, high humidity 


Once a month in spring and summer 

Cut below leaf line with several nodes

Dracena Mahatma 6 Inches

Filtered, indoor light

65-80 degree fahrenheit

Water when the soil appears dry

Once a month in spring and summer

Chop the stem in sections