7 Flower Decoration For Birthday Party At Home Ideas

Home birthday celebrations are fun and becoming more and more popular because of the affordability, convenience, and health reasons (pandemic). Decorations are integral to birthday parties for setting the mood and vibe right. Floral decorations are being favoured by many because they complement birthdays well, add liveliness and beauty. Here are some of the trending flower decoration for birthday that you can do at home with the help of your friends and family members.

7 Flower Decoration For Birthday Party At Home Ideas

1. Flower Monogram

You can get a Happy Birthday followed by the name of the birthday guest of honour designed in fresh flowers. Use bright colours and showy flowers for it. Cut the monogram of a thick material and cover it lusciously in flowers and leaves. Stuck in on the wall or place it in the centre of the party room and it will act as a backdrop or a stand-alone point for pictures.

Flower Monogram For Birthday Party

2. Flower Cake Table

Have a cake table with a cake in the centre and desserts like cupcakes, macarons, donuts, chocolates, and candies. After all, what’s a birthday without cake and dessert? Cover your table with a nice tablecloth and also the wall with a matching cloth or paper. Now, cover the wall with large flowers. For this purpose, paper flowers. Arrange flowers in a pattern that you find appealing. Attach ribbons and butterflies for a garden look. You can shop for ready-made paper flowers for this flower decoration for birthday at home.

Flower Cake Table For Birthday Party

3. Flower Bouquet Table

If you are hosting a buffet-themed birthday party or planning to have a lavish dinner after the cake-cutting ceremony, execute this birthday flower decoration idea. Embellish the table with glass vases hang-arranged with lush florals in pretty hues. Along with the vases, have candles in glasses.

Flower Bouquet Table For Birthday Party

4. Flowers and Balloon

Transform your outdoor location into a floral paradise with this flower decoration for birthday party. Use flamboyant faux flowers in muted shades and matching balloons. Colour coordinates your cutlery, drapery, and furniture to take the floral party vibes to the next level.

Flowers and Balloon For Birthday Party

5. Flower Bouquet

Flower bouquet decoration for birthdays is not a new idea. But, to make it interesting and creative, customize the birthday flowers for the person by shaping them in their initials or age. Add some cute props and messages to the birthday flower bouquet. Locate in front of a wall and use it as a prop for photographs.

Flower Bouquet For Birthday Party

6. Flower Woodboard

Decorate wooden structures like boards or trellis with flowers. You can add the name of the birthday person along with her/his age on the wooden structure. This decoration idea works great for outdoor locations like a garden.

Flower Woodboard For Birthday Party

7. Flower Poms

Make yourself from tissue paper or buy from somewhere flower poms. Buy colourful poms or one-coloured poms as per your choice. Hang these from the ceiling or style them as chandeliers for a cascading flower effect. If you want to create a magical effect, shroud the entire ceiling with flowers.

Flower Poms For Birthday Party

Make your birthday parties an extension of grace, artistry, and elegance with these flower decorations.