Top 15 Customized Couple Gifts

Customized couple gifts can be given to any recipient and for any occasion. Whether the happy couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary, valentine's day or any other congratulatory event, custom made gifts allow you to personalise it according to choice. Personalised gifts can be made of your choice by adding one or more relevant and great looking photographs or engraving it with the lovely couple's initials. You can update old paper prints, upgrade wedding albums and more with photo gifts for couples.

Here is a list of all tentative customised items that you can consider for gifting:

Top 15 Customized Couple Gifts

Photo canvas

The photo canvas is a stunningly beautiful piece of wall art that can be created from a favourite picture or photo. Bespoke sizes and dimensions ensure that the canvas can be used in any room and for any purpose - they don't just look great in the living room but are ideal for use in the hall, the bedroom, and even in the office. Why not use the opportunity to update an old wedding photo and give this heartfelt gift to the happy couple for their anniversary?

Photo book

A photo book is an excellent equivalent to the traditional photo album. Rather than mounting all of the images yourself, pictures are printed directly onto the high-quality paper pages from edge to edge and from top to bottom. The end result really is striking, and while the standard print layout allows for a single photo per page, you can opt for more complicated designs than this simple but elegant choice.


There is still a lot to be said for the traditional style of a photo album, especially if you have a collection of old paper prints to add to it. You can even scan the images and have new prints created so that you don't run the risk of ruining or damaging old photographs. Personalise the photo album's front cover with a favourite picture and the text of your choice to make the photo album that little bit extra special.


Customised cushions are great looking, but they are comfortable and even add a degree of personality to any room. Photo cushions are available in medium and large with a single photograph printed on one side of the cushion, but you can opt to have the same picture printed on the other side. Alternatively, you can use a photo montage consisting of several photographs.

Couple Gifts Box


Personalised blankets come in small, medium, and large with a variety of uses. They look outstanding when they include a montage of photographs, and because they are both safe and comfortable, they make great cot blankets, lap blankets, and even travel blankets for use in the car or on the plane.

Photo cubes

The photo cube is a unique photo gift that allows you to customise each of the six faces with your choice of photographs or text. You can use different pictures on every side, or you can stretch a single image over any number of the faces. The couple will enjoy unique looks with a personalised photo cube and enjoy giving a great looking and lovely gift.

Bedroom decorations

Each couple needs some bedroom decorations. This gift is very suitable for newlyweds and for those who are about to start living together. Customised bedding sets will cost more and should probably be selected as the present for a more special occasion. But never sacrifice quality for a lower price.

Kitchen items

It is always practical to give couples kitchen items as a wedding gift. The best part is that you can have almost every kitchen customised with photographs and engraved.

Couple bath towel and robes set

This is a thoughtful and practical gift that can be customised with embroidery. This is a customised gift that you can put together and just have them embroidered/personalised if you're buying online. If there's no one to embroider them if you buy offline, it's no big deal; as long as you give the couple a set of these bath necessities, you'll be appreciated.

Plush toys

Plush toys carrying hearts and signature quotes for the couple is a great idea. Customising a plush toy couple set is heart-melting.


The best part about getting a couple a set of custom made chocolate is that it is the most delicious assortment that they can preserve for the next couple of months. Many chocolate assortments can be customised with names and photographs of the beloved couple.

Cakes and other desserts

Cakes are the best! What is better is a basket of mini muffins! Gift the lovely couple a basket full of their favourite desserts. Throw in a greetings card, and you are golden!

Engraved jewellery

Engraving bracelets, pendants and other accessories is a good gift. Customised couple's jewellery combos can be designed and engraved as per choice.

Gifts Hampers

Gift basket

Gift baskets are intimate, thoughtful and personalised. Each gift basket is prepared to cater to and match the taste palette of the gift receiver. If you get a couple's custom made gift basket, you will be able to add the items that you love the most.

Couple tees

Couple of tee-shirts can be customised to look and have the print that you fancy. So, if it is a favourite quote or a fandom, the couple follows, or even the images of each other can be added to personalised tee shirts. There are no limitations if you are selecting a wardrobe as personalized wedding gifts for couple.

Choose unique gifts that allow you to customise them by adding your own choice of photographs. Gifts for couples make great anniversary gifts, especially once you have added your own picture and text to the item.