5 Flowers for Lover - Roses, Tulips, Carnations, Orchids, Peonies

Flowers have been the epitome of love and affection. Flowers are the evocative gifts to say “ I Love You.” There are many different kinds of flowers that mean love, affection, and romance. Red colour flowers are popular as lover flower, rose being the favourite of people when it comes to expressing feelings of love and passion. Other than this, flowers like tulips, orchids, carnations signify intimacy and amorous feelings.

5 Flower for Lover


The ubiquitous flower for lover. The crimson red colour of the rose signifies love and romance. Popular poets and writers have equated red rose with love and romance in their poems and writings. Red roses are given on Valentine’s Day to say “I love You.” Burgundy love symbolises unrequited love. Pink roses symbiolise affection.

Roses for Lover


There is no other flower like Tulips. Tulips are distinct from others because of their symmetrical shape. Tulips bloom in varying shades each of them carrying a different meaning. Red tulips are strongly associated with feelings of true love. Yellow tulips once meant hopeless love.

Tulips for Lover


The ruffled flower--carnation. Carnation symbiolises fascination. Carnations in shade of light red represent admiration and darker hues represent passion and romance. An arrangement of light and dark red carnations is the perfect gift for your beloved one.

Carnations for Lover


The elegant blooms of orchids are viewed as flowers of luxur̥y and refinement. But did you know? Orchids mean love as well. If you are lucky to have a person whom you love dearly and wish to tell how you feel, extend orchids and let it do the magic for you.

Orchids for Lover


The Chinese name of Peony translates to “beautiful.” The flower means love. To the woman you love the most, say you are beautiful, my love, with this flower. Peony has a striking resemblance to rose, the popular flower of love.

Peonies for Lover

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