Flower Show in Kolkata - Agri Horticulture Society Kolkata

Well the year has just begun and looked at what we have next, a flower show in Kolkata. Are you excited for this sacred occasion because we are also ready to acquaint you with all the necessary deets you will need to reach the right place, at the right time, and with no worries? If your life has been one that's all about beauty, peace, and positivity you will the aura of the flower show Kolkata the moment you enter. And would want to get a flower delivery in Kolkata once you see imported, and varied kinds available.

Flower show Kolkata

Without further ado let's take you to the flower show Kolkata virtually before you make an appearance there with full power and energy.


Agri-Horticulture Bicentenary Flower show, the perfect place to be at on the day of flower show Kolkata. Here you will witness a plethora of heartwarming flowers and plants in a large green garden that itself is a delight.


1 The Agri-Horticultural Society of India Alipore Road, Kolkata (Calcutta) 700027 India is the correct address to go for. Traveling via metro you can onboard at Kalighat Metro 21 minutes away from the place or Rabindra Sarobar Metro 23 minutes away from the destination.

Location of kolkata flower show

Choosing rental cabs is also an easy idea to reach the desired place.

Types of flora

Here you will find many flowers and plants that you can buy there or order sometime else. These include orchids, cacti, flowering plants, potted fruits/vegetables, agricultural products, roses and dahlias. While these are just to name a few, there are many more exotic plants and flowers you will find.

Types of flora


You can visit the place from 7 am to 8 pm during which you will get to spend some memorable time with rich flowers. It's recommended to go early in the morning so you can watch fresh flowers in daylight and experience their enriched aroma.

Entry fee:

At a minimal amount of Rs. 100 per person you can visit the place and have a day full of family time with nature by your side.

The flower show Kolkata is organized in a big garden of the Agri horticulture society of India. The magic of the place makes you want to slip your feet in the holy pond too.