20 Amazing Personalized Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is in full swing. If your closed one is getting hitched; you are surely looking forward to some gifting ideas for the soon to be wedded couple. You must have thought of some ideas like jewellery, home decor, electronics. All these ideas are great, just add to it the element of personalization. Personalized wedding gifts would delight the soul significantly than the non-personalised gifts.

Here’s a roundup of customized wedding gifts that you would love to give and the wedding couple will love to receive.

Amazing personalized wedding gifts

1) Memory Keepsake Dish

A jewellery dish for keeping the valuables and memories safe. The wedding couple can keep rings, chains, and other dainty pieces of jewelry in it. Get the dish designed with their pictures.

Personalised keepsake dish

2) Heart Wall Sculpture

As they move into a new house to make beautiful memories and call it a loving home, a sculpture that speaks of their undying love and commitment is sure to notch up the interiors. Get the heart wall sculpture personalised with the wedding date and names of the couple.

Personalised heart wall sculpture

3) House Plate

Two souls unite into one to enroute the journey of life and to build a home together. Adorn their sweet home with sweet memories with a personalised house plate. Designed with their names and love; this one is for everlasting memories.

Personalised house plate

4) Photo Fridge Magnets

The newly wedded couple will like to relive the moment a thousand times. Photo fridge magnets allow them to cherish and remember every moment like it was yesterday as these magnets embellish the blank canvas--fridge in their living room/dining room/kitchen unlike the photo album that is kept inside.

Personalised photo fridge magnets

5) Etched Champagne Flute Set

Let the couple raise a toast to being in love and together for many more years to come. Etch each of the champagne flutes with the love bird’s initials and wedding date for a personal touch.

Personalised champagne flute set

6) Couple Portrait

Celebrate the couple who chose to journey the life together, for better or worse with a portrait gift. Personalise it with their names, wedding date, hobbies, and attributes. The sleek and stylish frame makes it even more giftable.

Personalised couple portrait

7) Photo Ledge

A photo ledge with the couple’s initials carved on it is the heartfelt way to display photographs from the wedding and their favourite times. The couple can mount it on the wall or use it on the shelf.

Personalised photo ledge

8) Mug Pair

A pair of love mugs to recreate the romantic gesture. Each mug in the pair is engraved with the couple’s initials and date completed with a cupid heart and arrow. The tree texture makes it even more desirable to gift and receive.

Personalised mug pair

9) Heart Map

Isn’t it amusing how people from different countries and walks of life become one? Well, that’s the inspiration of this personalised piece. Two hearts from the world map are merged to create a heart motif with the name and wedding date of the couple to complete this personalised piece of decor.

Personalised heart map

10) Wall Platter Decor

It can be hard to choose a gift for the wedding couple. How to express joy, love, and best wishes through one gift? Do it most beautifully and heartwarmingly with this wall platter decor printed with wedding date and name and a quote “ And they lived happily ever after.”

Personalised ceramic wall plate

11) Photo Frames

Give the couple a heartfelt way to exhibit their marriage photographs with a customised photo frame. Initials and wedding date can be etched on the frame to make it a memorable piece.

Personalised photo frames

12) Flower Vase

A keepsake flower vase etched with the couple’s name, wedding date, and a quote will give the couple a chance to celebrate their blossoming love. You can give the vase with fresh cut flowers.

Personalised flower vase

13) Wedding Journal

Weddings are the most memorable days of ones’ life. A wedding journal to commemorate the memories with pages to illustrate wedding photographs is the perfect way to cherish the moments that matters most to the heart.

Personalised wedding journal

14) Photo Lamp

It's time for love and romance to glow and if there is a gift that personifies this expression in the best way is a photo lamp. Choose the pictures carefully for this personalised gift as it doubles up as a keepsake decor item.

Personalised photo lamp

15) Travel Accessories

The newly wedded couple would be heading for a honeymoon, so a set of travel accessories like luggage tags, passport holders, toiletry pouches with their names is the smartest and stylish way to travel the world.

Personalised travel accessories

16) Wine Box

Relationships and wine improve with time. A personalised wine box is an excellent way to raise a toast to love and years of togetherness in the coming time. Initials, wedding date, and your choice of words can be engraved on it.

Personalised wine box

17) Wine Serving Tray

Help the couple become the great host and hostess by gifting a personalised wine serving tray. The tray has compartments for the wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Such a classy way to serve the wine. Isn’t it?

Personalised wine serving tray

18) Memory Gift Box

It’s the wedding memories that will stay forever with the couple. Create a memorable wedding box with pictures and hand-written notes engraved with the couple’s name and date of wedding.

Personalised wedding memory gift box

19) Jewellery

Personalised couple jewellery for the couple so that they both can stay to feel the presence of each other while away for professional and personal duties. Wear your love, as they say!

Personalised couple jewellery

20) Wooden Plaque

A wooden plaque personalised with the couple’s picture, name, and wedding date for adorning the house walls and memory walls with beautiful and cherished moments from D-Day.

Personalised wooden plaque

Which one of the personalized wedding gifts for couple are you planning to order?