7 Flowering Plants that bring fortune for you

Flowering plants are beautiful. They fill the home with vibrancy and pop of colour. Potting flowering plants is the easiest and natural way to give your abode a makeover. But, did you know that flowering plants can bring good luck?

7 Flowering Plants that bring fortune for you

1. Hydrangea:

These lush, beautiful clusters of blue and purple flowers are gorgeous. Isn’t it? Hydrangea is one of the lucky plants for home. It represents good luck and fortune. It also means happiness, gratitude and enlightenment.


2. Peonies:

These delicate and bountiful blooms are everyone’s favourite. Peonies are a look-alike of roses and have a pleasing scent. Peonies are known as good luck plants for home. In Japan, they are seen as a symbol of good fortune. Generally, peonies are associated with prosperity and good fortune.


3. Chrysanthemums:

The bright and bold chrysanthemums need no introduction. These flowers bloom in mesmerising colours. Chrysanthemums are known to carry positive currents that attract good luck into the home. Chrysanthemums are the flowers of harmony.


4. Marigolds:

Every Indian household is familiar with the golden yellow-orange hued marigold. Many Indian houses embrace the plant of Marigold in their balcony or verandah. The medicinal and auspicious qualities of marigold are well-known to all. Marigold possesses protective qualities and shields the family from evil spirits. In many cultures, it is presumed that marigold represents a pot of gold, thus bringing in fortune and wealth. Marigold is one of the flowering plants that bring money and good luck.


5. Orchids:

Exotic and elegance are the best words to describe orchids. Orchids have been long associated with opulence and love. But, orchids are viewed as flowers of wealth, good fortune, and abundance. These flowers also enhance career success.


6. Azaleas:

Pretty pink Azaleas will add cheeriness when placed indoors. It will attract positivity and good fortune for you. Therefore, Azaleas make for lucky indoor plants.


7. Sunflowers:

These bright yellow flowers are viewed as blooms of happiness and sunshine because of their colour. Sunflowers will not only brighten up your day but will bring good luck to your life.


These were the best seven flowering plants that bring good luck. Having them around serves a dual purpose, beauty and prosperity.

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