National Safe Motherhood Day & Flowers for Expecting Mothers

April 11

National Safe Motherhood Day, India

What is National Safe Motherhood Day?

It is an initiative of The White Ribbon Alliance India (WRAI), Government of India, and UNICEF to enforce an awareness that women must have the availability and adequate access to care during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal services (individualised care provided to meet the needs of a mother and her baby following childbirth). Every year, April 11 is celebrated and observed as National Safe Motherhood Day. There are many areas in the country where women lack much care during the pregnancy and post-pregnancy period. Safe motherhood day initiative is helping to bring awareness about the importance of care during and after pregnancy for both mother and the child.

National Safe Motherhood Day and Flowers for Expecting Mothers

The Starting

In 2003, the Central Government of India had instituted NSMD (National Safe Motherhood Day) to be observed on the birth anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi (11 April 1869), wife of MK Gandhi, father of the nation. And it happened on the request of WRAI making India the first country in the world to celebrate Safe Motherhood Day.

Focus Points of Safe Motherhood Day

  • Family Planning
  • Prenatal Care
  • Postnatal Care
  • Obstetric Care - hygienic and safe delivery
Focus Points of Safe Motherhood Day

Themes for Motherhood Day

Consistently WRAI members select a theme every year for Safe Motherhood Day, and WRAI members exercise activities and campaigns throughout the nation. The purpose of these yearly theme-based campaigns is to build mindfulness that each lady has a right to have proper care during pregnancy and childbirth.

So, now you know the importance of having National Safe Motherhood Day, which is all about caring for the expecting mothers. Among many things that you can do to take care of pregnant women, filling her days with flowers is something adorable, and it works as a token of care.

How do Flowers help During Pregnancy?

Buying flowers for pregnant women can be an excellent gift, as gorgeous blossoms come with plenty of advantages for expectant mothers.

A woman needs very precise care and a positive atmosphere around her during pregnancy as it is a tough time for a woman. She faces things like mood swings, nausea, tiredness, discomfort, and many more. The essence of flowers for expecting mothers works great as it directs positive vibes, calmness, and spirituality toward the interface of body and soul. Many women experience depression due to hormonal changes and the ways in which their bodies transform during this important journey. Flowers have been proven to improve the mood of the recipient from the moment they are received. But not all flowers for pregnant ladies prove to be beneficial as the fragrance of some flowers can have adverse effects. But, on the flip side, they can also harm expectant mothers if not chosen carefully. There are plenty of blooms that can't be considered pregnancy-safe flowers. So, one should exercise caution while picking flowers for someone pregnant, as their fragrance can have adverse effects.

So, here are some flowers for the expecting mom which will work only towards the betterment of her and her child’s health.

1. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums makes great choice flowers for expecting mothers as they symbolize fidelity, long life, and cheerfulness.


2. Baby’s Breath

A soon-to-be mom bears all pain just to see and feel her baby breathing. Baby’s Breath bunch of flowers will deliver happiness festivity and gaiety to the pregnant woman.

Baby’s Breath

3. Star Of Bethlehem

A genus of perennial plants, the star of Bethlehem stands for purity, hope, and guidance and that’s what every expecting mother wants for her child.

Star Of Bethlehem

4. Barberton Daisy

Along with a positive atmosphere, a cleaner atmosphere is also crucial for the health of a pregnant lady. Barberton Daisy is an effective air-purifying flowering plant. Thus, it is one of the best flowers for your pregnant wife that you can keep around the house as a caring husband.

Barberton Daisy

5. Pink Roses

Pink Roses are one of the best flowers for pregnant ladies as they symbolize grace, gratitude, and gentleness. And whatever a lady feels in pregnancy time, it passes on to the child as well.

Pink Roses

6. Jasmine

A night of good sleep is very important for expecting moms as it is important for mental well-being and Jasmine flowers helps in lowering stress and anxiety level, which aids sleep.


7. Lisianthus

Pregnancy requires proper rest which sometimes becomes really boring for the pregnant lady. Lisianthus as flowers for new moms ignites creativity, new ideas, and free-thinking which ultimately keep the soon-to-be mom away from boredom.


This National Safe Motherhood Day, understand and spread the motive behind it. And, do your part by presenting flowers to a pregnant lady in your family the gift of blooms.