Flowers for Sister - Make Her Bloom in Happiness

“Just Living is not enough…One must have sunshine, freedom, and flowers!”

Flowers because their beauty paints the dull day with splendour. Flowers because their pleasing fragrance is like a healing balm on a tired soul. Flowers because they help us celebrate; they inspire our passions, evoke feelings of love and happiness. Flowers because they make us believe in wonder!

Receiving a fresh, lush bouquet is like embracing a warm hug. Just a single glance of the pretty blooms is enough to cheer up the heart and uplift the spirits. Such is the divine magic of flowers that they may not last forever, but the memories associated with it, certainly do.

Flowers for Sister - Make Her Bloom in Happiness

Therefore, spreading beauty, happiness, and colourful memories across various occasions through flowers seems to be a forever choice of the millions, not necessarily of the Anthophiles. This season’s joyest and loveliest festival of Raksha Bandhan is slated to be celebrated on 3rd August 2020. As only a couple of week is left in celebrations, sisters are engaged in buying different rakhis for their brothers, like Feng Shui rakhi online, peacock rakhi, designer rakhi, kundan rakhi, cartoon rakhi, etc. What are brothers doing?

Well, we are quite confident that you all are having trouble in finding the perfect gift for your sister. And, you surely do not want to give cash to your sister. Because the colourful aura flowers can create, colourful currency notes cannot.

So, here are flower choices for your sister, pretty and charming just like her.

1. Roses

There is no flower like a rose. When it comes to beauty, it is an undisputed queen of the flowers. Having multiple soft petals with long green stems, roses bloom in varying colours and shades. A red rose is a token of love, whereas pink is for affection, and white for innocence. Red and white rosebuds are also symbolic of girlhood. Therefore, a passionate sister for whom you profess sincere love, roses for sister in any of these colours is well-suited.


2. Lilies

Another breathtakingly gorgeous beauty! From trumpet to bowl and star to flat and Turk’s cap, Lilies blossom in myriad shapes and colours. The white Lily is for modesty, orange for passion. While the Lily of the valley symbolizes sweetness and pure heart. For a sister having a heart of gold without whom you do not know what to do, Lily is the flower for her.


3. Carnations

The ruffled beauty-- Carnations are the flowers for sister who is easygoing. Flourishing in clusters, Carnations are mesmerizing to the eyes and soul. Carnations are revered as Flower of God or Heavenly Flower. Whereas the colours in which it blooms have different meanings, like light red refers to admiration, white is for devotion and good luck.


4. Daisies

Daisy is a bright and cheerful flower because its petals are like rays of flowers. Daisies mostly have white ray-like florets with a yellow centre, but it can have a pink or rose colour as well. Because of the white colour, it epitomizes purity. However, the flower meaning is loyal love, and the literal meaning is Day’s eyes. So, your answer to the question, what is the flower for my sister who is cute and chirpy is Daisy Flower.


5. Orchids

It is a tropical flower of sheer elegance. Having petals in unique shapes and fragrance that is hard to resist, orchids are suitable flower sisters. Purple orchid means royalty and admiration, pink is for feminine, yellow is for friendship. So, grace your sister with an orchid flower of any colour because “ The Orchid is Mother Nature’s Masterpiece.”


6. Baby Breaths

Simple, Minimal, Sophisticated, and like a breath of fresh air-- The Baby Breath Flowers. Found in nature in pristine white, Baby Breath is symbolic of compassion, love, trust, and every feeling that is pure and divine. Grace the delicate soul of your sister with Baby breath flowers. For exquisiteness, snuggle roses for my sister with baby breath.

Baby Breaths

7. Gerberas

Make your enthusiastic and vivacious sister admire Gerberas. With large, showy, and colourful flowers, Gerberas radiate bliss and are sure to bring a happy curve on your sister’s face. Orange is for warmth and energy, Purple for pride, pink for gentle, and red for love.


These flowers will emboss the heart and soul of your sister with beautiful and fragrant memories, for eternity.