Know About The Space Flower

Flowers are what we all are familiar with and love to have them in our garden spaces. But do we all know about Space Flowers?

Sounds weird, right?

We will make it familiar to you but as it is the product of innovation, let's start from the start!

Ever since the start of humankind, humans are developing new things and new inventions are being made restlessly. And all the ideas generated in our brain - the most complex organ of our body. Technology has made us do things which were thought to be impossible once.

Know About The Space Flowers

Didn't we all read about the first innovation of FIRE done by a jungle-human unintentionally? That striking of two stones has evolved the way of living.

Slowly and steadily, innovations kept on taking place, and humankind evolved accordingly. After exploring the earth, the curious human brain made us look above in the sky and made us think beyond the clouds out there in space.

Many theories have been made about space and the possibility of life there, but space was always beyond the reach of humans until NASA thought to explore it practically.

And after years of hard work, dedication, and mind-boggling inventions, on July 20, 1969, NASA made history by landing APOLL0 11 Commander Neil Armstrong on the moon. That was something which still feels unreal and beyond imagination.

After that, many types of research and innovations have been done related to space, and we came to know about things like Black Hole and new planets.

And after around 47 years from the first human step on a celestial object, on January 16, 2016, NASA again shocked the world with a picture of the very first flower grown in space. And It was the Zinnia Flower.

Zinnia is a genus of plants of the sunflower tribe within the daisy family. It is native in dry grasslands that stretch from South America to the Southwestern United States.

NASA propagated the idea of an innovation related to space and flowers as part of the International Space Station's (ISS) plant growth system, also known as "Veggie" (Vegetable Production System).

Space Flower

This flowering crop experiment began on November 16, 2015, when NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren activated the Veggie system and its rooting "pillows" containing zinnia seeds.

The first picture of the Zinnia flowers blossom in the space was shared by Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly. He shared the picture on his Twitter handle with a caption that reads "Yes, there are other life forms in space! #SpaceFlower #YearInSpace”.

Because of NASA's successful experiment, Zinnia Flower earned the tag of the world's first space flower.

Zinnias are popular garden flowers and are available in a wide range of colours and shapes. The colour of the Zinnia flower grown in space was the shade of orange and yellow.

On earth, Zinnia can withstand hot temperatures and grows better in fertile, humus-rich, and well-drained soil.

You can grow 'space flowers' in your garden easily and can get them through online flower delivery in India if you want to surprise someone with that flower type which is first to be grown in space.

We have planned to visit VEGGIE at the International Space Station. JUST KIDDING!

Bye! Bye!