Flowers That Bloom In Snow

Flowers are those bewitching beauty that lights up our day. From thanking to exhibiting love and affection - flowers have been an essential part of our journey. We are well aware of flowers that bloom in spring and summer but do you know - there are certain flowers that bloom in snow as well. Yes, the flowers that grow in snow look enchanting, and their tremendous beauty attracted us towards them. Therefore, today, we are here to discuss the flowers that grow in snow. You will definitely enjoy knowing about the flowers that add joy to our lives and survive even in the hardy nature where humans even give up. They burst through the snow that looks enthralling and enticing at the same time. So, let’s have a look.

Flowers That Bloom In Snow


We start with the queen of winter. Yes, Camellia is one of the most beautiful flowers that bloom in the snow, and the layers of petals that reach the center give a hypnotic affect. This bewitching flower comes in the shade of red and pink, and it is quite difficult to maintain. From sun to soil, everything needs to be pitch-perfect if you want to see it thriving well. Anyways, you can add the queen of winter to your home and experience its beauty by yourself.

Camellia Bloom In Snow


The scientific community of Snowdrop is Galanthus Nivalis. If you plant these beautiful snowdrop flowers in late fall, you can experience them between November to January. Most prominently, they will welcome the new year by blooming. They look like raindrops, bent down, and for a better experience, you can grow them in clusters. This is one of the flowers that bloom in the snow.

Snowdrop Bloom In Snow

Lenten Rose

Another flower that grows in the snow is the Lenten rose. This rose is an easy winter flower that comes in hues white, pink, and purple. No matter what the climate is, maybe frozen or light winters, you can find this plant in any climate. They mainly bloom between January to March. Depending on what the climate is, it blooms well.

Lenten Rose Bloom In Snow

Holly Bush

If you are looking for a spot of colors during the winter season then adding these red berries is a must. They don’t really bloom in snow but, the red cherries that come out compliment the holly leaves giving major Christmas vibes. Well, if you get many berries during the winter then have a male pollinator shrub as well. So, add holly bush to the list of the flowers that grow in snow. They survive well in chilly climates too.

Holly Bush Bloom In Snow


Jasmine is those soothing flowers that bloom in the snow. With low maintenance, they can give a beautiful look to your home during the winters. With six petals and fragrances, they make wintery nights relaxing. They just need little pruning as the bushes can overgrow. Jasmine also has a tendency to survive the freezing climate. You can witness their beauty from late December to early January.

Jasmine Bloom In Snow

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel, the name suggests that it might be a Halloween flower but, no, this is purely a winter flower that grows during the late winters. The yellow flowers enhanced with a deep, wine center makes it more beautiful. Also, the petals come out as witch’s nails. They have twists and turns, but fortunately, the plant is of hardwood and grows a few feet tall. So, this is another enthralling flower that blooms in snow.

Witch Hazel Bloom In Snow


Aconite is a wild buttercup small flower that grows in snow. They grow in the backyard, and winter aconite is usually yellow in color. These blooms burst up with a thin layer of snow, and they add a shade of yellow to your garden. Also, if you have kids or pets that roam around the garden area, then do not plant aconites as they are mildly poisonous.

Aconite Bloom In Snow


Are you looking for a showstopper for your garden, then adding Algerian Iris would be a wise option. Their bewitching petals vary from lavender to indigo blue giving multiple hues to your backyard. Iris are drought tolerant and easy-going plants. Also, they can survive the chilly temperature easily. So, get this flower that blooms in winter and adorn your garden with its shades.

Iris Bloom In Snow

As you look for the flowers that grow in snow, these are some of the beauty that will adorn your garden with their fragrance and bewitching looks. Well, if not a garden, then you can get a bunch of these flowers along with yellow flowers, the arrangement will look enticing for sure. So, get flower delivery Chandigarh from a reliable portal and enjoy the presence of these enthralling flowers that bloom in the snow.