What are some best fertilizers for a Bigleaf Money Plant?

Money Plants are the most popular indoor plants. As the name itself suggests, Money plants are believed to attract wealth and prosperity. According to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of living, Money Plants invites riches at home and must be placed in the South-east direction of the house.

best fertilizer for money plant in water

Therefore, it’s no wonder that Money plants online are extremely sought after! These plants are also very easy to care for, just a little bit of care and attention is needed to have a blooming beautiful money plant. However, while taking care of this lovely plant with big leaves, we often overlook an important caring tip, using fertilizer! Fertilizers provide the plants with the nutrition that water lacks and help them to grow more. If you are here, then you must be looking for the best fertilizer for money plant in water, so without wasting precious words, here are some of the best water-based fertilizers that we ourselves love.

Money Drop Liquid Fertilizer by Plantic

If you are a plant enthusiast you must have heard or even used the products of Plantic. The Money Drop fertilizer is a formula by Plantic that is specially developed for the lucky money plants. The fertilizer is made from natural essences hence is absolutely safe for the plant. It has great benefits and is easily available online.

best fertilizer for money plant in water

GreenLoop Fertilizer for Aquatic Plants

An interesting fact about the money plant is that it can grow in both soil and water. Hence this amazing fertilizing formula from GreenLoop is one of the best-suited fertilizers for your big leaf money plant. The best part is that it’s very easy to use as well, just add a few drops of fertilizer into the water of your plant and that’s it! If you go for this one then remember that this formula is only for water-based plants and may not work if your money plant is growing in soil.

best fertilizer for money plant in water

Concentrated Fertilizer by JoyProDeals

The fertilizer is fast and effective! It gives up to 50% faster growth and greenery for your plant, which we are sure you want. Its made with macro and micronutrients essentials that help in the better flourishment of your money plant. This fertilizer is also on the lighter side on the money front, so if you are a little tight on the budget when it comes to getting the best fertilizer in town, then JoyProDeals is the one to go for.

best fertilizer for money plant in water

Instant Plant Food by Ecotika Sampoorna

As the name suggests, the plant food is made for instant effects and includes all the necessary amino acids that your beloved plant needs. The people who made the formula made sure to make it in a way that increases the metabolic efficiency of the plant, in turn increasing its overall development.

best fertilizer for money plant in water

City Green House Plant Fertilizer

City Green has taken a great initiative on its part and developed an entire range for the house plants. You can easily get these formulas online on websites like Flipkart or Amazon. They are handy, easy to use and pretty effective as well.

best fertilizer for money plant in water


Fertilizers are important for better growth and overall development of the plant, therefore do not skip this step, ever. Happy planting!