Funniest Love letter - For Propose Day

The season of love and admiration is knocking on your door, and you are still not prepared to welcome it aboard? Well, the heartiest Valentine’s day is here, and you must celebrate each day with exquisite gifts that shower your love on the other person. Each day in valentine week is unique, but the second day is much more special because that day you exhibit your love and affection by proposing to the other person. But a single ‘I Love You’ doesn’t suit your personality, right?

Funniest Love letter - For Propose Day

Hence, you need some humorous love letters along with Propose Day gifts to make them memorable for your precious one. Therefore, we have curated some funniest love letters that will bring a smile to your dearie’s face, and they might say a ‘Yes’. Along with Valentine cakes, these warm words will tickle their heart.

Love Letter #1

‘Vaise to maine suna hai ki kayi log mere mukhde par apna dil haar bethe hai but after seeing you so chill, I think tum thode alag ho. And isko madde nazar rakhte hue I can say ki tum mere dil ke one of the deserving candidates ho. So, if you allow, I can schedule one on one and hum uspe chai ya coffee par charcha karte hue samajh skte hai ki ‘mere is dil ka khyal tum or tumhare dil ka khyal me’ kaise maintain kare. To, if you have some time then think about my proposal, shayad tumhari smile me hi tumahara jawab mil jaye tumhe.’

Love Letter #2

‘This letter is to inform you that you have captured my heart, mind and soul and I am ready to give my 200% to your heart and soul. If you decide to say yes to my proposal then remember that you would get access to soulful words, lovely eyes, romantic dinner dates and everything that you desire to have. With me as your partner, you get the best chef and a poet who will never let you feel down and will value your presence each day.

So, I am already considering that you are gonna say YES, and now I can kiss my bride.’

Love Letter #3


This is a creative letter from the most innovative person you would ever hire to keep your heart safe and your mind in place. The person writing this letter is deeply, madly and profoundly in love with the person reading it. You might not know but, I am ready to be in a probation period where you can test me and my patience, and if you like my company, we can move to the next level by tying the knot as and when you say.

So, kindly give me a chance to prove my worth and let me bring the joy in your life that you deserve to have. Allow me to call you MY LOVE and see this arrangement thriving beautifully.’

Love Letter #4

‘अक्सर दिल मुझसे ये पूछता है की में इतना हसीं क्यों हु और में मुस्कुरा कर कह देता हु की खुदा ने मुझे तुझसे जो नवाज़ा है, इसलिए किसी एक को तो हसीं और खूबसूरत रहना ही पड़ेगा| प्यार में अक्सर लोग अपना दिमागी संतुलन खो बैठते है पर मैंने अपने आप को संभल कर सिर्फ अपना दिल ही खोया है और वो भी तुझ जैसे चाँद के टुकड़े पर| तो जरा एक मौका तो देके देखो जानी, तुम्हारी किस्मत में बस ख़ुशी और ढेर सारी ख़ुशी लिख देनी है मुझे|

इस दीवाने को संभाल कर तो देखो एक दफा,
प्यार की कभी कमी न होगी ये मेरा है तुमसे वादा|
इक दफा इस मोहब्बत को स्वीकार तो करो जानी|’

Love Letter #5

‘I know I am awesome, cute, funny, and the best and people consider me single but, I have lost my heart on your desk.
You might be a little moody, a little sugary, a little stubborn and a bit cutie but trust me, even, I am cheesy, and you would love to enjoy my creativity.
We would be a perfect blend of Nachos and cheese dip because I know you hate salsa, and I cannot be what you hate, my sweet lip.
So, I am dropping an application where you know what you will get if you say a YES.
The awesomeness package that will make you more amazing and bewitching is right here.
Sign the papers, and let’s commit officially to forever together.’

Love Letter #6

‘I just heard that you lost your heart? If I am not wrong, is that person me who has your heart kept safe. Obviously, who else can bring a smile to your serious face and who can understand your mood swings when in a period. I know I have outdone myself before you with my cooking things, and you are quite impressed with my knowledge and vocab skills. Now, without wasting a minute, I would like to ask - How did I perform in my proposal test, and will you be my soulmate?’

Love Letter #7

‘Being dumb is a skill that not everybody can acquire but, this dumbness became my strength when I captured your heart and enjoyed the time you sat explaining things. You gave me some good hints but I dropped them as dumbness is where I belong. Yes, it is a city full of my imagination where we walk holding hands, sip coffee walking to the end and enjoy each other’s company without being sad. So, if you don’t mind, would you like to accompany me in my imaginative world with your real presence side by side and make me the happiest person alive?’

Love Letter #8


This letter is to inform you that I have tested positive…
Not from Covid but YOUR LOVE. Yes, this is an emergency where I have lost my heart in your oceanic eyes and trying to keep my head calm as I hear your sweet voice. There is only one antidote that can save my life - If you say YES, and be my bride. Some scholars want you in their life, wants to research your beautiful insights
I am a nomad who wants to explore and understand by being at your side. So, will you allow me to be your better half and make every season full of love and admiration?
PS: My pampering skills will amuse you, and so will my cooking skills too.

Along with Propose day gifts or valentine week 2022 gifts, sending a love letter that makes the other person smile is the best thing that will be cherished for a long time. So, choose the one you think is the best and leave no chance to impress with your gesture on this Propose Day.