Funny Birthday Cake Ideas for Men

Whether it’s your dad, your brother, your husband, or any other man, no one can say No to these funny birthday cakes for men!

Funny Bday Cake

Because, come on! Look at these beauties and how decoratively they are designed with utmost perfection. Men in our life always surprise us on different occasions and their birthday is the ideal opportunity for you to bring a wide smile on their faces. With the perfect funny birthday cake for husband/friend/father or for anyone else, you can easily turn their birthday event into a special one. Scroll down and take a look as we have listed some funny birthday cakes.

1. Crossword Cake

A perfect cake for the one who loves their newspaper and especially the crossword section.

Crossword Cake

2. Beer barrel cake

Best birthday cake designed as a beer barrel for the ones who love beers and always fantasising about having their own beer barrel.

Beer barrel cake

3. Builder Cake

Cake with all the builder tools made out of fondant, the best birthday cakes for the man who fixes everything around the house.

Builder Cake

4. MJ Cake

A best birthday surprise for the MJ die hard fan. Cake decorated with MJ diamond glove and a balck hat made from sugar fondant.

MJ Cake

5. Cruise Ship Cake

If your man or your old man always wished to go on a cruise then this year make their wish come true a little with a Cruise ship cake designed perfectly.

Cruise Ship Cake

6. Poker Cake

If you have a poker session on weekends with your man and he really loves poker then, there can be no better gift than this amazingly designed delicious poker cake.

Poker Cake

7. Pizza Cake

An awesomely designer pizza cake, a perfect surprise birthday cake for a pizza lover. But prepare a real pizza too, to add char chand to the celebration.

Pizza Cake

8. Burger Cake

A delicious juicy cheeseburger is LOVE. Well if your man, or old man or little man loves burger then this cake designed just like a burger will win their hearts for sure.

Burger Cake

9. Ice Beer Bucket Cake

If a man loves beer then there is a familiar theme whenever you have to make or order a cake for him, and yes he definitely will love it and appreciate your choice. Yes we are talking about an Ice beer bucket cake.

Ice Beer Bucket Cake

10. Golf Field Cake

A gentleman’s game - golf! If your man is a big fan or a great player of golf then what else can be a better surprise than a cake designed as a golf field?

Golf Field Cake

11. T- Shirt Stack Cake

Who said rainbow cakes are just meant for girls? An amazingly designed T-shirt stack with different color of t-shirts beg to differ.

T- Shirt Stack Cake

12. BBQ Cake

If your family gets together on weekends and loves to have a BBQ session, then this BBQ themed cake will be a perfect choice for celebrating the birthday of a man who takes control over the grill during those sessions.

BBQ Cake

So, these were the funny birthday cakes for men. You can order these awesome cakes from any reliable online bakery. Also don’t forget to buy some really amazing birthday gifts. Happy gifting!

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