Top 5 Funny Tasks For a Secret Friend

What do you find when you scroll through your social media, these days? Probably the live updates of all those lives whom or who you still refer to as your “friends” and maybe a few secret santa tasks because Christmas 2023 is here. Some are getting married; some are having their babies, some are doing professionally so good that you couldn’t be more proud of them. Isn’t it? Well, time really flies within a blink of an eye as we grow up. But all thanks to social media and occasions like Christmas that we somehow end up staying connected to each other and eternalise our friendship.

Funny Tasks For a Secret Friend

Although while some people love to make others aware of their social group, there are still some people who love to keep things low key, be it even a friendship. You love to pamper them with some birthday gifts on their birthday, as well as some return gifts on your birthdays and gifts on Christmas get-together. As for most of us, our friendship means the world to our friends; we would have no stones unturned to make them laugh as we pull some pranks and dare them to do some funny tasks. Here are some secret santa tasks ideas for friends you need to bust the boredom being created between you both.

But if you have a secret friend and are trying to keep up with that friend of yours, you may dare your friend to take up these funny tasks for a secret friend. It will give you and your secret friend some quality time to bond and will thereby strengthen your friendship. Here’s what you need to do to bust the boredom being created between you both.

1. Funny Question Challenge

Prepare a funny yet weird questionnaire filled with some crazy questions to ask your secret friend. All you gotta do is become the Amitabh Bacchan of the KBC and ask him/her this series of questions. Include some hilarious questions about his/her personal life or questions like what kind of secret conspiracy would you start, what’s the funny wifi name who have come across? Etc. These questions will be a funny conversation starter for you both as humous will even be bound to join you both in this task completion. So try it out!

Funny Question Challenge

2. Never Have I Ever

Yes, the task of the game is called...Never Have I Ever! If you wish to know your secret friend better and vice versa, then you can put some fun situations like “I haven’t peed in a swimming pool” and if he/she has done so, ask him/her to elaborate the situation. Gosh, this way you can trigger all those deep dark, hilarious secrets of your friend just like that...keep trying. You won’t know it until you try out this series of funny tasks this way. So give it a try!

Never Have I Ever

3. No Mirror Makeup Challenge

If makeup is your secret friend’s best friend, then wait for it as it is going to turn into their worst (obviously in a hilarious way) disaster. All you gotta do is get some basic makeup products ready in front of them or ask them to do so and challenge them to create a new look using those products. But the trick here will be to do makeup without a mirror! Ta-da! Get ready to laugh your heart out along with your secret friend for the sensational no mirror look they have created put of this funny task. Don’t forget to take a picture of them in their makeup look to cheer them up in future too.

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

4. Taste The Chilly Challenge

Does your secret friend love to relish saucy, spicy food like all the time? Heehaw! We are evil, so we have figured a crazy challenge, or you could even say a funny task for them. The task will be easy: how many green chillies can he/she have in 10 minutes. We are pretty sure tears are going to roll out of laughing giggling and whatnot as you see your secret friend go crazy over the chillies. While you roll out on the floor laughing, his/her tears will roll out of the eyes, out of spice. Hands down, the best funny task for a secret friend! Please do give it a try!

Taste The Chilly Challenge

5. Not To Laugh Challenge

Crack up some hilarious jokes in front of your secret friend, see whether or not he/she is able to keep up with this funny task of “Not to Laugh”. No matter how much they get to laugh at your joke, they shouldn’t. This is pretty much the task. The mixed reaction over their face (wanting to laugh and not wanting to laugh - both at the same time) is absolutely hilarious. Over the past few years and months, many YouTubers have even played this funny task on their friends. You should try this too, sometimes with your secret friend.

Not To Laugh Challenge

So, which one are you planning to lighten up your friendly moments with your secret friend with?


As our journey through the amusing and creative tasks for your secret friend comes to a close, let's take a moment to reflect on the joy and laughter these activities bring, not just to the recipient but also to the giver. While our focus was not specifically on the festive season, it’s hard not to think of the parallels with finding the perfect Christmas gifts. The spirit of giving, after all, knows no season. Whether it's a hilarious task you've concocted for a friend or a thoughtful present, the essence of giving remains the same.

Of course, this brings to mind the delightful tradition of Secret Santa gifts. Imagine the added twist of combining these funny tasks with the Secret Santa concept. It's not just about the gift but the experience and mystery surrounding it. Such ideas can easily be adapted to suit any Secret Santa event, adding an element of fun and personalization that goes beyond the typical gift exchange.

Finally, let's not forget that these ideas aren't confined to the holiday season. They are perfect for year-round fun and can be especially poignant as Christmas gifts for friends. The beauty of these tasks lies in their adaptability – they can be tailored to any occasion, making them ideal for those looking to add a personal touch to their gifts, no matter the time of year. Remember, the best gifts come from the heart and often include a good dose of humor.