Get Spiritual Divine Gifts For Bhai Dooj and make your brother feel special

Bhai Dooj is here, and we can not keep calm! The wonderful festival that celebrates the crazy and pure bond you and your sibling share is one of a kind. If I ask you to express how you feel for your brother in just one word or even one line, I am sure you will not be able to, cause that is just the way this relationship is. Your brother drives you crazy, he annoys you all the time, he makes fun of you, and you both fight almost all the time, but he is also your secret keeper, he always stands by you and helps you. This sweet and salty bond can never be expressed in words, so how would you tell your brother how you truly feel? Some special and spiritual Bhai Dooj tikka gifts would be perfect for him, and if you need more help, here is a list of all the ethereal gifts you can present to him.

Mani Wheels

Mani or prayer wheels originated from Tibetan culture and are mainly used for meditation. This chant wheel is a great gift for your brother as it is believed to bring good karma and energizes the one using it.

Mani Wheels

Silver Plated Shiva Trident Kada

This one gift is both spiritual and stylish. A Silver Kada is believed to bring peace of mind, and with added blessings of Lord Shiva, this Kada is an amazing present for your brother. You can buy this Kada with rudraksha as well to enhance his luck.

Silver Plated Shiva Trident Kada

Spiritual Fridge Magnets

We all have a pretty busy lifestyle, and if that is the case with your brother as well, then these magnets can be a great gift for him. He probably doesn’t get much time to chant or pray, and the fridge is something we use at least ten times a day therefore, every time he will come close to it he will read a small prayer or at least will bow his head.

Wisdom From Ramayana

Next up on the list of Spiritual divine gifts for Bhai Dooj is a wonderfully written book that can turn your life around. Gift your brother this beautiful work from Chaitanya Charan, the book is like a guide for relationships, work, and life in general. And the knowledge and tips are derived from the holy book Ramayana and what it teaches us.

Feng-Shui Windchime

WindChimes are believed to bring luck, peace, and prosperity at home especially if they are gifted. So, this Bhai Dooj, gift your brother all the above-mentioned things with lots of love and luck.

Sacred Hanuman Chalisa

If your brother is a devotee of Hanuman Ji, then you don’t have to look further cause there is nothing he would love more than the sacred book of Hanuman Chalisa. The prayer is said to be one of the most powerful ones in the world, and if done correctly and full devotion can do miracles, so get this book with a beautiful cover for him and see as his face glows up.

When you get spiritual Bhai Dooj gifts for brother, it’s just a way of showing him that he is always in your prayers.