Get To Know More About Beauty Of Fame - HIBISCUS

Last summer, do you remember spotting a beautiful, exotic variety of hibiscus? It was giant. It was exquisite. It was not like the regular red hibiscus, which we usually spot in a garden area. As far as you remember, you might have assumed it to be a flower of some different kind altogether.

Hibiscus Flowers which are Beauty of Fame

Probably at that time you were carried away by your parent’s warning of staying away from that particular hibiscus bush because of all the pests ghost stories. Little did we know back then that nature doesn’t harm us, but we might just end up hurting them.

But, this flowering plant has over 200 species that prefers to grow in warm tropical climates, usually. It has a crucial part to be played across a variety of Indian festivities, for instance, hibiscus is used as an offering to the goddess Kali, and Lord Ganesh during respective festivities. Why there are 3 hibiscus flower types, namely tropical, perennial and hardy, depending on every kind summer-winter adaptability. So, without any further ado, let’s discuss in detail what are the famous and different types of hibiscus flowers which are not differentiated on the basis of their vibrant colour.

1. China Rose

This is the most common species of hibiscus types which happens to be the National flower of Malaysia (Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis) and South Korea (Hibiscus syriacus). It is also known as the shoeblack plant because of it being used to polish shoes. It usually bears a red hibiscus flower along with its yellow hibiscus, pink hibiscus, and orange hibiscus flower variety.

China Rose

2. Rock Hibiscus

Nature is the art of God seems like a true statement when we see this particular variety of hibiscus. Rock hibiscus is usually a hibiscus pink, but can also come in the shade of purple. Particularly native to Mexico and the United States, this variety can even elevate up to 2000 feet, which totally astonishes us! One of the most beautiful hibiscus varieties, rock hibiscus scattered bloom with triangular leaves and 5 petals of 3 inches in diameter each.

Rock Hibiscus

3.Blue River II

Nothing seems as pure or serene as this white hibiscus variety called Blue River II. This white hibiscus plant grows best in organic-rich soils and under the full, direct sunlight. The plant grows up to a height of 4 to 5 meters which makes it a hibiscus shrub. Unfortunately, this flower once plucked doesn’t survive more than a day or so because of it having a short lifespan.

Blue River II

4. Aphrodite

Getting its name from the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and procreation, this hibiscus variety is of the hibiscus rosa type with a large, single appealing flower. At times, Aphrodite grows as a yellow hibiscus flower, which looks absolutely ethereal. Interestingly, Aphrodite is a hybrid flower, crossed between ‘Space Oddity’ and ‘Vin Extraordinaire.’


5. Secret Heart

Usually a two-toned hibiscus variety, Secret Heart can easily steal anyone’s heart away being a unique blue hibiscus variety. The natural blending of blue and red hues in this flower makes it a one of a kind hibiscus.

Secret Heart

6. Black Dragon

Synonymous to exoticness, this Black Dragon variety of black hibiscus is not fully black, rather a deep burgundy in colour. In the year 2005, The American Hibiscus Society named it “The Hibiscus Of The Year”, which made this specular kind of hibiscus even more special and close to everyone’s heart.

Black Dragon

These were only a few hibiscuses variety, the list shall go on and on...if we kept on discussing its type. Every flower is unique in its appeal and the way it conveys the language of love. Make sure to feel the love by seeing it bloom and not plucking it!