Bonsai Trees: Imitating Reality And Portraying Beauty Since Ages

If there was even art that truly captivated the beauty of nature, it is Bonsai. Wikipedia says that it is a Japanese art form using cultivation techniques to produce, in containers, small trees that mimic the shape and scale of full-size trees but it is so much more than just a mere imitation and has a cult following around the world. The art of Bonsai crossed the borders of Japan a long time ago. Its aesthetics induce inner peace and also make people marvel over the intricate details captured in such a small size.

Beautiful Bonsai Trees

If you listen to Feng Shui, it will narrate the story of this miniature art and its effect on the surroundings. A bonsai tree represents the element of wood and could actually generate positive vibes in the house associated with calmness in the ambiance and healing effects. The fascination of Bonsai cannot be portrayed in words, however, if you really wish to feel it’s the charm, try placing some of these bonsai trees in your home or office and watch the magical aura unraveling a little bit everyday.

1. Japanese Maple

Let’s begin from where it all started! The Japanese Maple is a sheer favourite of Bonsai artists and cultivators because of its lobed leaves, colour and the ease with which it could be sculpted into Bonsai form. It also goes by the scientific name, Acer Palmatum. Although this Bonsai is quite happy in a sunny and airy position, it should be kept in shade during the harsh hours of the sun in the day.

Japanese Maple

2. Ficus

The Ficus tree is a member of the Moraceae family and one of the favourites of Bonsai beginners. Ficus bonsai tree is one of the best indoor bonsai trees owing to its easy maintenance. It prefers summers rather than chilling winters and needs water only when the soil gets dry. Feng Shui says that its air-purifying qualities provoke enlightenment. Its vibrant foliage is the reason why it takes the beauty quotient of the interiors notches up immediately.


3. Cotoneaster Horizontalis

This cascading bonsai is hard to resist! Native to India and China, its colours are never fading and it can withstand errors smoothly. This show stopper has its leaves organised in a herringbone pattern and the greyish trunk makes a striking contrast that is hard to miss. It is an ardent lover of sun and needs water once in a blue moon. If ever there was a bonsai with beauty in its simplicity, it is this tiny tree.

Cotoneaster Horizontalis

4. Jade

This bonsai not only showcases attractive foliage but also bears white blooms! Imagine how tiny and cute they would look, sitting in the living room. It stores water in the leaves and just when you thought that it is all beauty, it will astonish you with the role it plays in bringing luck and prosperity in the house. Feng Shui believers consider this one a luck-bringing entity which also fills the space with positive vibes. What else could you ask from a tiny tree placed on the coffee table!


5. Bougainvillaea

If you are a nature lover who celebrates the colours of life, then this one will steal your heart in the first look. The stunning pink flowers of this Bonsai will add a splash of drama in your home or office. This bonsai tree prefers sunlight over the shade and every moment you spend gazing at its sheer beauty induces a sense of calmness in the mind. Place it on the window sill and make the room look like something from a fairy tale became reality.


These bonsai trees are not just an artistic flair but a cardinal part of nature that just took beauty quotient to another level. A bonsai can create an integration of positive energy that could attract everything good and nice, so wait no more and get some bonsai trees online for your home today!

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