Gift According To Five Senses for Him

For making a man happy, gifts are known to do the trick. Gifs that carry a personal touch and are thoughtful go a long way in making the recipient feel cherished and revered. Men are no different. However, it is a common perception that choosing gifts for him; whether it’s for your father, husband, brother, or boyfriend is a mammoth task.

With a little research, and effort, you can find a gift for him that will be of use to him and he will be more than happy to receive. Kyunki ladko ko jaldi se gift nahi pasand aate.

Well, there are a thousand and one gift ideas for males on the internet. But, all the choices have become exhausted.

Gift According To Five Senses for Him

So, here is a fresh list of gifts for the men in your life. Five senses gifts for him are the new cool. Without further ado, let’s check the options.

For Sight:

1. Watch: No man ever said that they have enough watches. A man’s look is always incomplete without a watch just like a woman is never fully dressed without her jewels. From sporty to classy, there are numerous options for you to shop.

2. Book: For a bibliophile, there is no better and greater gift than books. Without brainstorming much, grab a book of his favourite author or genre and give it to him as a gift, and it will do it’s magic. Knowledge is the greatest treasure; therefore, a book is a 5 senses gift that everyone is happy to receive.

3. Camera: He got an eye for aesthetics. A DSLR camera, digital camera, or a polaroid camera is the idyllic gift for him who loves to capture the beauty of life. Choose one that falls within your pocket.

4. Jewellery: Who said, men, don’t love jewellery. Perhaps, they haven't met the 21st century hipster males. Chains, rings, bracelets, stud earrings; you can pick anything that your man loves to adorn his body with.

5. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are like eyeshadow: they make everything look younger and pretty~ Karl Lagerfield. Let him live and breathe in surroundings that are all pretty and young by gifting a pair of sunglasses.


For Hearing:

1. Headphones: In music, lies everyone’s heart and soul. Bluetooth headphones that are stylish and sound great are the best 5 senses gift ideas for sound for him any day and any time.

2. Echo Dot: Technology is a saviour. Save him from the daily hustle-bustle by bringing home a hand-free smart speaker-- Echo Dot. With this device, he can make calls, listen to music, control smart home appliances, and more; thereby making his life a lot easier.

3. Caravan Radio: He may shake a leg to groovy numbers, but his heart finds solace by listening to old songs. Sadabhaar Purane Gaane. A portable caravan radio that comes preloaded with songs is the gift that his soul craves to receive.

4. Alarm Clock: An alarm clock so that he can be on time for office meetings, dates, and functions. It makes for a cute and funky gift that he will accept with a shy smile and embarrassed soul.

5. Personalised Guitar: For the Arijit Singh of your life, a gift of personalised guitar that he will embrace forever. It’s time to revel in romance as he sings romantic songs in his melodious voice.


For Touch:

1. Grooming Hamper: He loves to pamper himself. For him whose style game is always on the point, there is no better 5 senses gift for him than grooming hampers. Select the one that contains all the essential products so that he can follow his beauty routine religiously.

2. Bath Robe: Bathrobe is an essential commodity; hence it makes for a useful gift for him. Go for a customised bathrobe to add to your gift a touch of sentimental value. Additionally, it would make his pictures more Instagram worthy.

3. Apparels: No matter how many he has, he will never get tired of buying and receiving apparels. When in doubt what to gift him, blindly trust apparels because they never fail to make a heart and soul happy.

4. Greeting Cards: The magic of greeting cards is unparalleled. No materialistic gift can ever match up to the feel that one experiences upon receiving greeting cards with handwritten messages. Make his heart go bonkers over this gift.

5. Golf Clubs: Golf Clubs are a gift of sophistication. If he is a lover of sports, particularly of Golf, then look no further and beyond than golf clubs. You can personalise it with his name for that extra special touch.

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For Taste:

1. Custom Whiskey Glasses: Whiskey is a man’s best friend. Therefore, in the list of 5 senses gift ideas for him, one dare not miss this option. Several online gifting portals are offering custom whiskey glasses that you can consider for making his celebrations memorable with a treasured gift.

2. Popcorn Maker: With lockdown in place, home is his new theatre where he binge watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other TV channels. A popcorn maker is the best suitable gift for him, this Quarantine season.

3. Chocolates: No matter old or young, male or female; chocolates are dear to everyone. A basket of assorted chocolates or a box of customised chocolates, in every form it will bring sweet pleasures to him.

4. Cakes: The name is enough to bring a beaming smile on one’s face. A box of creamy cake is all you need to shower him with love and affection. Across all celebrations, make him unbox sweet happiness.

5. Gourmet Hamper: When he loves variety, a gourmet hamper is a gift for him. Packed with an assortment of chocolates, snacks, and other goodies, gourmet hamper screams joy and delightfulness in every bite.

Custom Whiskey Glasses

For Smell:

1. Flowers: If you think flowers are not for men, rethink. Flowers grace the whole humankind with its splendour and fragrance, without any differentiation. Then why should girls have all the fun? Flowers are the idyllic five senses gift for him if you are looking for something gorgeous.

2. Perfumes: Perfume is invisible yet an unforgettable accessory. If he is a firm believer of this, perfumes are the gifts meant for him. From strong to mild to citrus, choose a fragrance that speaks volume of his taste and preference.

3. Scented Candles: One must have scented candles always, and always. Because it makes the atmosphere bright and pleasant. Also, they are also known to relieve stress. He surely deserves a gift that can do so much.

4. Car Air Freshener: Males often forget to shop for themselves or things that are essential to them. A pack of the car air freshener is something he wants badly but forgets to buy all the time. Make a thoughtful gesture by gifting him a car air freshener.

5. Spa Kit: A spa kit is a great gift for him because this gives him the leverage to relax and unwind at home-- the place of comfort. A spa kit comes handy when he is travelling or during time of crisis like COVID-19 Lockdown; hence a generous gift.


With this, we come to the end of 5 senses gift ideas. We will come back with more out-of-the-box gift ideas for both him and her soon. See ya!